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No, Not Those Flashing Blue Lights :(

It’s every drivers nightmare… flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror. 

Can you believe, I got pulled over for skipping a track on my iPod?! 

“Excuse me son, is there a reason why you were using a portable electronic device while driving?”

“Sorry officer, I was just using my iPod.”

“Why is your phone in your lap.  Ipods are the same as phones.  Use your common sense.”

” …..”

Wow, I honestly didn’t know you couldn’t use your iPod in the car, well, at least touch it.  So pissed.  I wasn’t even really using it;  I just pressed the skip button at the stop light!  Turns out to be one expensive skip button.  Lol.  About half the price of a new iPod touch.  So anyway, I’m just warning yah.  If you have those no-cell phone laws in your state, it also applies to your iPod.  Bleh.

Whatevers, I’ve got two stocks i’m excited about.  I have all my notes on the side, but for now I’ll give you the charts.  They are two gaming companies that are having huge revenues due to release of multi-year projects.  We all heard of Take Two Interactive  (TTWO), with their RockStar game line, like Grand Theft Auto.  However, I’m really liking Activision (ATVI) right now.  They are cashing out big time in the Asia markets.  More on this later.  For now, here’s the charts.  Both stocks have the potential to breakout soon.  ATVI already in the process. 

Don’t forget to tune in on the Heat versus Cavs game!  We should see a lot of shirt burning…

$20 he doesn’t do the powder thing.

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  1. JakeGint

    Fuck him and John Law both. What kind of fascist shit do they have going on in Cally that they can be peering into your car and see an iPod on your lap? That’s fucked.


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