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Bought Some China Mediaexpress CCME


Trade:                    Bought CCME @ 21.10
Tradecology:        “Man, I should have bought it at 5 am.  Darn daylight savings time screwed me up.  Anyway, I’m just buying a little here, so if it drops 5% tomorrow I’m buying 2x original.  I can see this thing getting hyped to the 30s, but I know it’s gonna be rough.”

I bought a few shares of CCME, just so that I force myself to follow it.  I’m a little hesitant to go all in here, but hey, this one is on fire.  I think you’ll like buying this one.   I just think it’s better to buy these at the beginning of the trading day.  Even though I was up at 5 am, I still didn’t want to buy it, but looking back, I think momentum carries this stock strongly intraday.  Great day-trading stock.  Anyway, keep buying this -5% days.  Let’s ride it to 30s.  Chee hee!  Details on this momo stock later.  Oh yeah, I have this little journal I’m keeping to write down how I feel immediately after making a trade.  It’s kind of lame, but it’s something I’m trying out since I have this other iPod app I’m trying out that makes it convenient.  But I guess it’s kind of cool to look back at how you felt about a trade.  So every now and then, I’ll cut and paste it on here and call it tradecology (trader+psychology).

Meanwhile, I’m wondering what’s up with China anyway?  Why are they so secretive?  They still won’t let you use Google there.  It’s ironic that everything is made there, but they won’t let you see how it’s made.  Must be hiding something.  Well whatever it is, I’m buying into this bubble until it pops.  Just saying.

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