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IBD 100 Top 10 – A Good Place to Measure the Market

I like IBD because it cuts my screening time in half.  I also like to cross some of the IBD 100 stocks with The PPT engine to see look for hiddeng gems.  For those of you who use The PPT, you’ll notice many stocks that get high scores (ie, hybrid >3.5), usually end up on the IBD.  Set your screens to low-cap, something like 500 – 750M and you can usually spot a hot stock before it hits the IBD 100.  Win.

Anyway, every now and then I like to check out action on the IBD 100 list to see which sectors are booming.  For market direction, we can look at the top 10 (or 5) and monitor their price action to predict where the market is heading.  In other words, these leadership stocks lead the market.  So here’s your top 10 from the IBD 100.  Also, you may notice, two of them were stocks I shorted often in the past, which shows that not even I can get it right all the time.  Humbling.  Anyway, here they are…

1.  [[BIDU]]  …Law of large #s.

2.  [[lulu]]  … I used to short this bad girl.  Apparently, women are into the whole Zoomba aerobics (Zamba? Zimbo? Zeemboob?) and other stuff.  I thought Yoga was a fad, but women are becoming more and more self-concious.  Oh well, good for you LULU.

3.  [[nflx]]  … I praised this stock heavily when I saw BlockBuster videos begin to close down stores all over the place.  But then it looked like it got too ahead of itself.  But then NFLX does the amazing thing by allowing members to stream content from their Play Stations, Wiis, and iPads.  That’s great management and you got to love NFLX for challenging itself.

4.  [[cmg]]  … We have one in Waikiki, and the place is packed… with a bunch of tourist.  The hell?  One time the place was run down by a bunch of Canadians watching a hockey game.  Still a very cool place to chill.  Does it belong so high on the list?  Nope.  It should drop a few places soon.

5.  [[Deck]]  … never been to one.  I still have a difficult time finding a correlation between the clothing stores doing great in a bad economy?  I think a stock like ROST would have a better case.

6.  [[meli]]  … another stock I heavily shorted in the past.  But good thing I stepped away.  The Spanish eBay.  Man, aren’t there like a billion people in Mexico? 

7.  [[aapl]]  …iPhones, iPads.  True leadership company and stock.

8.  [[med]]  … there’s a lot of fat people with fat wallets.  Hello Dan Marino.

9.  [[dpz]]  … don’t know much about them, but earnings change from prior quarter up 500%?!  I got to look this up.

10.  [[dgit]]  … advertising on digital networks.

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  1. lol

    CMG has potential to be the mexican McDonalds. Difference is the food quality is much better and it plays to the health conscious. Problem is, McDonalds didn’t succeed because they had a superior product, and they don’t have the brand awareness or any sort of “golden arches” to draw in people from a nearby highway off the exit ramp as the driver’s children aren’t going to say “Chipotleeee!!” like they say “mooomm, McDonalds!” which is probably the mainreason McDonalds caught so many kids eyes along with the happy meals. I find CMG has a good franchise system, but it doesn’t have the brand awareness to make it perform like Mickey D’s. I would want to give this one a shot, but not at these prices at this point in time, unless they were to put a golden CMG along with some happy meals and maybe knock it down a peg in price.

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  2. Robleroni

    CRM seems to be bouncing nicely. Does the IBD still have this one in good standing? I enjoy your posts, Gio.

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  3. Gio

    Mexican Mcdonalds, lol (: … i wish we had more mexicans here in hawaii.

    CRM still is a leader. stick with it if you’ve been in since the 70s. No not the 1970s.

    Damn NFLX looking nice today.

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