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4. GAME- Addicts in Asia

The internet story is probably on chapter 17 now, but in China, I think we would be around chapter 3.  There’s still a lot of potential revenue to be tapped there, and with limited access to information in companies in the world’s most populous country, there’s much left to the imagination.  So I let mine run wild…

Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd ADR [[snda]] is probably a stock you know about already, maybe not that much, just that you hear a lot of aggressive players talk about it.  What’s to know about SNDA in 2010 is that they are now grown up and their role in the online gaming world is changing. Their recent birth of [[game]] opens a new way for investors to take advantage of the immensely popular online games that are revenue giants in Asia. GAME’s game portfolio should grow, and there’s rumors that some of these MMPORG games will be available on some mobile phones. That’s not too hard to believe, now that you have phones like the Nexus 1 that sports a 1 Gigahertz processor (dayyyyym). For now, GAME looks to bank on two major games… “Bubble Fighter” which is popular in Korea, and has all the rights to the “Mir Fighter” saga. Have you seen these internet cafes in Asia?! I have. Talk about addiction. It’s like crack with these kids. And probably has the revenue of a dealer too. :/

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  1. Mushroomz

    Nice post, smart phones are getting powerful indeed. And low cost games are getting HUGE!

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