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Stocks In Play Update: CYOU, CISG

I only had time to do two today because a client walked in on me without an appointment.  Anyway, these two are worth meditating over this weekend.

CISG had a big decline today. 10ish percent. Looking for volume to drop before entering:

CYOU looks fun. Wedges galore.  Still very under the radar, and soon we will blow the press away…


Have a good weekend!  I have guests from San Fran I have to entertain, then guests from Paris (woo hoo!) I get to show around.  That means I’ll finally get to go back to the beach.  Isn’t that odd though… it’s only when you have guests from out of town that you actually get to go cool places right in your backyard.

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  1. Gio

    Over the weekend I’ll be attacking FUQI, SXCI, SIRO, and STAR … I noticed Fly bought STAR this week.

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  2. John

    Tried a small position at 16 on CISG. See how it goes.

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