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Mainstream Media Sucks

You are either in the know or you are clueless. If you are trading and you are not using a market intelligence service, then you need to understand you are trading on a 15 minute delay compared to those in the know as well as “the machines”.

The machines are a completely different story. Separate discussion.

I use a service called The Trade Exchange in addition to Briefing.com to stay up to speed on what is moving thing during intraday action.

Today at 1:52 p.m. The Trade Exchange reported that North Korea may try a “different type of nuclear test”. The machines took that and sold SPY from $236.51 to $235.80, effectively 7 S&P 500 points.  Funny neither CNBC or Bloomberg have reported on this story. Maybe they will by the close. So they are clueless as well.

So now you know why the drop. How should you trade the drop?. That is an entirely different conversation.

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