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Death Grip Applied to Spirit Airlines (SAVE), As Such Short It

American Airlines (AAL) is done with Spirit being a competitor. They just announced Basic Economy which means you get the same rights as a Spirit traveler.

They are as follows:

  • One item under seat
  • Seats assigned at check in
  • $$$ for a specific seat
  • No upgrades
  • No changes or refunds
  • Board last

Spirit Airlines (SAVE) is rolling over technically and no one is short. Longs start to sell and there is no covering create pain for the longs.

aal be

As such, this is my first recommendation of the year and first in quite a while on the website. Short Spirit Airlines (SAVE) with a target of $40 and a stop of $60.

Sometimes short ideas are very simple and do not require a ton of analysis. This is one of those. Hasta La Vista Spirit!!!

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