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The Market HAS NOT Had A Huge Run

I keep hearing on either Bloomberg or CNBC the market has had a huge run. Sorry but this is not the case at all. Not even close. The Russell 2000, Financials and Industrial might have had a huge run but not the S&P 500 which by default is the market.

Since Q4, I have a Model that tracks up and down moves. Absolute high to absolute lows.

Here is the table of the up moves.


Here is a table of the down moves.


So where do we stand now? We are just starting an up move after completing the smallest down move since we have been tracking, Q4 2012.

Typically, the first up move of the year does not start until mid month or in February. So could this year be bucking the trend. Me thinks that is a possibility.

More to point in this being a huge move. Hardly. Since Q4 of  2012, the move from 11/4-12/13 was the seventh best move. That is hardly epic.

Again…lies, damned lies and statistics.

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