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Year To Date Stats For 2016

I just ran year to date statistics through last Friday, January 15th. The results are scary. 828 stocks are higher which equates into 14% up for the year. 5851 stocks are lower which means 86% are down for the year. 

Last year 35% of all stocks were up for the year and 65% of all stocks were lower. So we are in a worse place than last year.

I did a further deep dive on the Pharmaceutical sector and the results are nasty. 32 stocks are higher and 486 are lower. That means 6% are higher and 94% are lower.  The Healthcare sector saw 24 stocks higher and 230 stocks lower. That means 9% are higher and 91% are lower.

So are we at the point where it is darkest before the dawn? Or are we going nuclear? We will answer this tomorrow.

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  1. morykan

    No, answer it now! We must know!

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  2. gravestonedoji

    Here is the answer. If there isn’t buying in volume by EOD Friday…it’s game over man, game over.

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