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Why I Choose Gordon Gekko As My Icon

There is a very good reason I use Gordon Gekko as my icon. First, he has the same initials as me. Second he trades on inside information which is the EXACT opposite of what I do so there is a bit of irony in my icon.

My process combines fundamental quantitative models + technicals + plus lots of reading to get my ideas. Most hedge fund and mutual fund managers do not have the ability to replicate that process because they like to claim they have the “channel” edge.

With the recent insider trading arrests continuing at  a brisk clip, it is no wonder managers are under-performing as they are now afraid of their “channel” edge. They will get to my process but it will take them years to develop. How can I be so sure of this? I have covered the groups I speak of for 26 years.

So my advantage will continue and I will continue to live by Gordon Gekko’s phrase, “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” Legitimate that is.

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