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No Tax Selling Since The Election

The day after the election we created a universe of stocks up 10% year to date. Why? Because these names could be sold if the capital gains rate rose. Each we we have been updating the results. The conclusion is there is NO or very little tax selling going on pay a lower rate.

This could change if it becomes apparent the capital gains rate in fact is going up up 5% in addition to the 3.8% surtax for Obamacare. Effectively, taking the capital gains rate to 23.8% from 15%.

Here is a quick summary of our stats. Our stock universe is 6415 stocks. Of this universe, 3650 had market caps above $250 million. YTD up> 10% with market cap above $250 million 1443 ran on 11/6 close.

One month + change of up 10% universe of 1443 stocks > 912 (-71) We have added to the spreadsheet both the 5 year and 10 year returns. We note when we sort by the 5 year return the top 20 returners see 5 down more that -5% in the last month (PCYC LFVN HSTM OCN CRUS). In terms of 10 year return of the top 20 returners one is down more than 5% (ECPG).

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