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Austin Bomber Found Using Google Search History

What the fuck, I like the police state now.

Here’s a kid who was coddled by Mommy — home schooled and probably ventured out online for social interaction.

Does he fit the profile of a fucking terrorist? He had no priors, apparently a nice home with a caring Mother who invested her life in him; and what does this absolute faggot do to repay her? He becomes a fucking terrorist. What a fucked up time this is in America.

As you know, he literally blew himself up today after authorities found him. What’s interesting about the police work to find him is the fact they used Google search history to do it. I know libertarians will be like “OMG, how dare you infringe…” Fuck off. Coppers had zero leads and its citizens were being blown to pieces. I applaud this use of the police state and hope it is used responsibly in the future to capture faggots who deserve to blow themselves up.

A man whom authorities were attempting to arrest early Wednesday in a string of bombing attacks in Austin killed himself with an explosive device as authorities closed in, a high-ranking law enforcement official told the American-Statesman.

The official said authorities identified a suspect in the past 24 hours based largely on information gained after police said the suspect shipped an explosive device from a FedEx store in Sunset Valley, a suburb surrounded by Austin. That evidence included security video.

Authorities also relied upon store receipts showing suspicious transactions from the person and obtained a search warrant for his Google search history that showed him conducting searches they considered suspicious, the official said.

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Looks like FB is shitting on top of all of the faces who were yelling about the stock being done for a decade yesterday. These people are muppets, whose mouths are moved by the activists in the Democratic Party. They should just kill themselves and get it over with.

In light of this joyous occasion, markets being up and all, I bought some LABU — it’s free money from here until $106. I am playing this upside biotech for the ‘hundred dollar roll’ — not because I want to, but because I can.

Moving on. My JNUG position is just about the best ETF of the day. What the fuck are you doing with your lives?

I have other irons in the fire, such as my shipping play DSX, IBP, AKS, AMRS, even little GEVO. Do you like little GEVO — it’s a stock bound to trade higher, even though it’s a little piece of shit.

My day got started late, so I’ll need a few hours to get into the swing of things.

Right now, Dean Martin on loop, markets racing higher, “The Fly” wins again.

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ATTENTION ASIANS: Your Markets Look Very Nice

The Hang Seng is up more than 400 now, or 1.2% — propelling prosperity and goodwill throughout the Asian continent. The Chinese are also enjoying their gains, +0.6%, over large bowls of chow mein.

The oil markets are rife with verve — thanks to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ‘charming’ Trump and his neocon faggots. Dare I say war with Iran is on the horizon?

I wasn’t a fan of Obama — but the Iran deal should remain intact. My reasons are different from everyone else’s; but the spirit is the same. I’d like all to have access to world ending nuclear weaponry. It’s a foolish gambit trying to stop rogue regimes from partaking in nuclear war. By my count, the only rogue nation who had the fucking balls to detonate a couple over large cities was us. Ergo, let the Iranian have gigantic H-bombs capable of wiping out whole countries. In the event any of those are used, we’ll simply reciprocate with our own doomsday devices.

Moving on, Bitcoin is edging near $9,000 again. How many of you are still HODLing?

Nasdaq futures are +15 and Le Fly is long TQQQ, based off Exodus OS signal for the ETF. Let it be written in fucking stone by lightening bolts from the Gods: markets shall crest again. The newly minted Facebook bears shall have their faces blown off by saw off shot guns and markets will, effervescently, move in the direction it’s most accustomed.

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Madness Circles Back to Flydom — Today Was a Truly Shitty Day in the Market

It appears a young man barged into a Panera Bread in Princeton with a gun, then holed himself up in a standoff against coppers for 5 hours. Rumor has it, he was former military, about 30 years old, and he might’ve shot himself. Don’t quote me on it. Couple that with the fucking bombs being shipped in Texas, and of course the active shooters, and I think it’s fair to say there is a tangible sickness gripping the country.

Stocks lifted, but breadth was sub 50% and my trading account produced losses. Over in my quant account, I gained another 1% and I am fucking crushing the SPY by nearly 200bps over the past two weeks.

On the upside of today’s pin action is Bitcoin and cryptos — all sharply higher.

Here is today’s breakdown by sector. Does this look like a +150 day?

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BLOGGERS BTFO: Google Launches Fake News Fighting Service and New Subscription Model for Legacy News Outlets

The time has come for the blogger experiment to end. The era of fake news is now behind us. We needed the false election of Trump, who stole votes from Hillary Clinton, via a crafty network of FAKE NEWS blogs, a highly sophisticated Facebook analytics ad campaign, and Russian bots and hacks, to fix the sickness of the internet — which is freedom of speech.

Over in China, they don’t fall for the nonsensical argument of MUH free speech. They simply reject it and punish anyone who tries to access information that isn’t approved by the government. While we cannot do that on the surface, since we’re still pretending to be an open and free society, we can easily accomplish this by making our tech monopolies implement policies that do the exact same thing as communist China.

For example, Google just announced they are launching a new monetization model for participating news agencies to push back against fake news. If you aren’t approved by Google, you cannot participate.

The initiative, announced Tuesday, will offer publications another monetization model online called Subscribe with Google, as well as work with established universities and groups to combat misinformation. It will also introduce an open-source tool called Outline, which will make it easier for news organizations to set up secure access to the internet for their journalists.

Google said it was committing $300 million over the next three years to the project, though it did not elaborate on how the resources would be spent. The company said it paid $12.6 billion to news organizations and drove 10 billion clicks a month to their websites for free last year.

Subscribe with Google will make it easier for readers to pay for content from news organizations that have agreed to partner with the company. FT.com and The Washington Post are among the launch partners, though Google has not yet named a full list.

The company is also testing a “Propensity to Subscribe” feature using its artificial intelligence, which will let companies know which consumers are likely to pay for their products. A new News Consumer Insights dashboard will further analyze readers for subscription opportunities.

Google will also create the Disinfo Lab with Harvard’s Kennedy School aimed at clarifying misinformation during elections and breaking news moments. It will also launch MediaWise, an organization in conjunction with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University and the Local Media Association, which will work to develop digital literacy for young viewers.

On paper, the idea of boosting traditional news organizations with strong editorial boards is a good idea — since they’re professional journalists with experience and know-how. The only problem with them, of course, is their reputation — which is widely viewed as biased and often times derided as propaganda for leftists policies on a global scale, especially in America. One thing is clear: on almost every social media platform, and now Google itself, there is a major push to demonetize and penalize any opinions that aren’t in concert with the prevailing opinions of the main stream media.

Welcome to your new happy world.

RELATED: A man was just convicted and will be SENTENCED to jail time for uploading a video onto Youtube, showing his dog doing a Nazi salute.

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The Facebook Induced Panic Continues — Markets Apathetic After Early Rise

This is the front page of CNBC right now, sheer panic over Facebook.

You’d have to be a complete idiot to fade the market because Facebook is under criticism for having too much power. Once again, the company is growing fast and nets $4b per quarter. Whatever politicians want to throw at FB, they can handle it. At the end of the day, government’s need Facebook to be cooperate and do not want to piss them off too much. They simply want to ring-fence their power and try to use this latest non-crisis via the news to pressure them to bend the knee. When it’s all said and done, it will have no material impact on the bottom line.

Markets are strong at the open, but somewhat flaccid. It’s also possible we’re in a rut, ahead of what could be a third government shut down over the past year. Markets are somewhat milquetoast, susceptible to decline over the smallest of reasons. Perhaps the Facebook induced panic is more of a symptom than a cause?

Either way, until we get some follow through on the downside, I am bullish on dips — the deeper the better.

I have lots of cash following my LABD and SOXS sales and will deploy it into upwards momentum only. Downside dips will be bought on Exodus oversold signals only.

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When are you going to realize Zuckerberg is your alpha, literally in charge of your hopes and dreams — decider of whom you will vote for and fall in love with. He is God, more or less, for millions of Americans — fat slobbish beings trapped at home because everything outside is too expensive.

Zuckerberg the Alpha deciding your fate

Yesterday all of the establishment shills were mad at Zuck because he enabled a firm to access the profiles of 50 million Americans, which was then used to elect an Orange Ape. But Zuck does as Zuck likes. He owns most of the stock, has a net worth upwards of $75 billion, and he’s only 33 years old. If Mark wanted to be a cannibal and sustain himself off the loins of dead humans — he would — and there’d be nothing you could do about that — quite frankly.

Today the world has come to grips with Facebook’s hegemony — a company NETTING over $4 billion per quarter, in control of the hearts and minds of billions. Dow futures are +100, Nasdaq +35.

In other news, another mail bomb blew up in Texas today. What the fuck? I don’t know what to think about that, other than the fact we live in violent times.

Here are stocks moving in the pre-market.

Gapping up

Gapping up
In reaction to strong earnings/guidance

  • TKR +5.1%, HQY +1.9%

Other news:

  • ARNA +35.2% (reports positive phase 2 results from the OASIS trial for etrasimod in patients with ulcerative colitis)
  • CRME +12.1% (announces strategic transaction with Cipher Pharmaceuticals — Cipher to acquire all outstanding shares of Cardiome, following a restructuring of Cardiome pursuant to a statutory plan of arrangement)
  • FNJN +9.3% (received the $65 million payment due from Symantec; Halcyon Long Duration Recovery discloses 14.2% active stake)
  • ELGX +8.2% (announces the first results from ENCORE, a pooled, global analysis of several prospective clinical trials and registries studying polymer endovascular aneurysm repair (Polymer EVAR) using Ovation Abdominal Stent Graft Systems)
  • AMTX +6.5% (continuation of last week’s move higher)
  • KMPH +6.1% (announces that topline results from its ongoing pediatric and adolescent pharmacokinetic study suggest that following oral administration of its KP415 product candidate)
  • BB +5.7% (BlackBerry and Microsoft partner to offer enterprises a solution that integrates BlackBerry’s mobility/security with Microsoft’s cloud/productivity products)
  • APHB +3.2% (after announcing collaboration with the Western Sydney and the Westmead Institute for Medical Research based in Sydney, Australia)
  • TRIL +2.6% (FDA Office of Orphan Products Development has granted an Orphan Drug Designation to TTI-621 for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma)

Analyst comments:

  • IIVI +2.2% (upgraded to Buy at B. Riley FBR)
  • FCX +1.4% (initiated with a Buy at Goldman)
  • CTRN +1.3% (upgraded to Buy from Neutral at MKM Partners)
  • BHP +0.5% (upgraded to Neutral from Underperform at Exane BNP Paribas)

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Take a Look at Jeff Bezos’ New Robot Dog, For It Is Going to Kill You Oneday

For thousands of years the elite have tried to extend their lives and achieve immortality. Back in ancient days, retarded elites used to mummify themselves. A Pharaoh would die and have his whole family murc’d with him, down to his favorite birds — all mummified to be laid to rest in gigantic pyramids, built by plebs, festooned with elaborate traps to protect all of his earthly possessions, jewels and rare texts, which were also buried with him. After the slaves built the pyramids, especially the one’s who built the secret traps, they’d be killed and tossed into the Nile. Their families would be enslaved and forced to build new pyramids for soon to be dead elites.

These people were idiots of the very first order. Guess what, nothing has changed, other than the level of innovation and advances in technology. Very soon, robots will be doing everything, from driving your cars, to flipping your burgers, to fornicating with your wives. Hell, they’ll even give birth to your new babies. After that, once you’re old and half senile, or maybe even a lot younger, they’ll offer you a ‘special deal’ to upload your idiot brains to a super computer, for the sum of $1 million, in order to achieve immortality. You mind will be uploaded into a new avatar, one that looks just like you — but with great upgrades — such as abs, longer cocks, better hairline, and brighter eyes. This new avatar will be custom made by you — just like in the video games. Once uploaded, your friends and family will not know the difference. It will be you, other than the fact that YOU’LL BE DEAD — a mere vessel and simulation of you, achieved for the purposes of de-population on a massive scale.

Kids will wait in line for this sort of thing, to be exterminated by Jeff Bezos and his fucking robot dogs.

This will kill you

In the future robot people will be walking real dogs, and the world will be better. Crime will be non-existent, corporate revenues predictable and devoid of emotional set backs. Without the overhead of dealing with organic people and their fucking problems, inefficient idiots, we’ll branch out to other galaxies and colonize planets — zipping through space like magicians. Once we conquer other civilizations they will be forced to assimilate, upload their brains into supercomputers, else be eliminated from the universe.

Futures are higher this evening. I sold my inverse ETFs at the highs of the day, switched and went long some JNUG — eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s open so that I can bowl on you pinheads with violent alacrity.

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I booked a 19% gain in LABD and +7% in SOXS, both higher by more than 8% for the day. Those gains helped offset some of the other FUCKERY taking place in my brilliant bio-ag plays. I think this sell off is both fake and gay and truly believe, down to the deepest depths of my black heart, we’ll be back to skinning bears alive tomorrow.

It’s worth noting, the proceeds have gone to cash — since I have no interest in adding beta to a portfolio that is already a wild-animal-beast. Over in my cordially managed quant account, I cannot buy anything with my cash reserves until we get a systemwide oversold signal.

We’re not there yet.

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