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Markets Meanly Revert, Dow Slumps For 8th Consecutive Day — Barreling Towards 200 Day

All of the high beta tech stocks and biotech are reverting to their mean today. This isn’t a reason to panic, although I would suggest that seeing the Dow off for an 8th day in a row and steaming for the 200 day moving average isn’t awe inspiring.

Also, we should consider that small cap stocks have been wantonly outperforming large the past few months — typically a sign of excess degeneracy. The last thing I want to do here is overthink and begin to read the news and get negative.

Le Fly needs to mediate and find his inner-zen. Gone are the days when angry Fly would punch holes thru sheetrock or slap people in the face with hot slices of pizza. Now I’m a reformed man, a person who just executed 34 of 35 winning trades in a row.

All that said, I’m hedging here — taking 10% of my cash and buying DRIP and SOXS. This isn’t a bear bet, inasmuch as it is a preventive hedge against a forlorn supplication into a dark and craven world of pain.

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Sold Some Drugs — Longs Too Stoned to Figure Out Market is Weak

I kicked out both CGC and CRON, not because I don’t dig it. Believe me, I do — totally groovy. But the market looks shitty here and this ups my cash levels to 35%.

The sale of these two securities, +5% and +6.7%, push my winning streak in closed out trades inside Exodus to 34 of 35.


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Saudis Propose Production Hike — Oil is Finished Until December

We have over 30 years of seasonality data in Exodus and all of it points to weakness in oil during the month of May-December. As a point in fact, the data is so convincing, I won’t even consider the idea that oil is a decent investment, let alone trade, unless during the peak periods of the year.

Today the Saudis proposed a million barrel oil supply hike at OPEC. This is your cue to ignore oil and move onto greener pastures.

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said Thursday that as the world is likely to face a large oil supply deficit in the second half of 2018, a substantial production increase from OPEC would be required to prevent a market squeeze.

Speaking in Vienna, Austria on Thursday, al-Falih said: “We will release supply… One million (bpd) sounds like a good target to work with.”

“One million. He just threw down the gauntlet,” RBC’s global head of commodity strategy, Helima Croft, told CNBC on Thursday.

Haters will say oil is a good trade now, because MUH contrarian. But you’d just be playing yourselves, as usual.

WTI is -1%, Brent -2%.

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REMINDER: Le Fly Doesn’t Need Markets; Markets Need Le Fly

The Dow has been down for 7 consecutive days and during that time frame I’ve demonstrated a trading acumen that will be studied in the hall of science for eternity — successfully winning in 32 of my last 33 trades. I don’t feel like going back and looking, but if I had to guess, my last 25 or so trades have been winners.

So while futures might’ve given back a little and many of you absolute BEARSHITTERS are foaming at the mouth, foolishly trying to stop me — just know that I will make money today nevertheless.

Perhaps I’ll make 4% today? Does that sound like a reasonable return?

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Nasdaq futures are up 50 and every stockbroker, excuse me “financial planner”, I know is circle jerking over the idea of moving up the basis point ladder. Little do they know, I am coming for them with a claw-hammer and will soon spill out the remnants of their brains unto their Riskalyze care packages.

Rumor has it The Donald is fishing out a new trade deal with MUH COMMUNIST CHINA — but you and I know there truth of the matter.

I piss and defecate on the stocks Gods. I cannot be stopped. I went from 85% cash to 25% today because I wanted to make money. Because I wanted to make money, futures are now sharply higher — because the heavens and the ancient spirits work thru me.

Just today I was in Philly, gorging myself on some iced cream and Shake Shack Hammed burgers. My son was fretful it’d rain and then I posited the following statement to him, with an eloquent confidence.

“Son, I bet you my entire life, may I be struck dead here on the filthy Philly ground, that it shall not rain, not even a single drop of water, while we are walking these grounds.”

He looked at me, a bit puzzled, and then said “why would you bet your life on such a stupid thing?” And then it hit him like a 10,000 pound bag of sand: because Dad cannot lose, even if he wanted to.

I didn’t even need to answer the question, instead side-eying him with an expression that personified a careless confidence, something born out of supernatural qualities. The moment we boarded the vehicle, it began to rain. It was during that moment that my youngest son knew, with certainty, that his Father was a space alien magician.

Tomorrow, you will visit this site and bear witness to chicanery.

NOTE: I am going to set up text alerts for my trades for Exodus members soon.


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Since you’re unable to do this yourselves, I will gift you a small morsel of my wisdom and tell you which stocks are going to rip higher and soon.

Do yourselves a favor and get long biotech.

Reason being: Drumpf can’t fuck with it and Chinese trade wars cannot affect their nefarious dealings. We want to position in names with momentum. Fuck the turn arounds.

Top picks: FATE, UMRX, ARRY

There are a few more I’m interested in. If you want those, GET IN Exodus.

My other picks are pieces of shit that want to barrel higher like a comedy of drunken laughs. I stormed into GPRO and DDD like the Kool-Aid guy today, hoping others would follow behind me.

In SAAS, I got some BOX, OKTA, and COUP.

I like pot — because that’s what Canada is smoking. CGC and CRON will rip tomorrow.

Lastly, I have one China stock left, BSTI. I’m not that bullish on it, but I gather from the spiritual winds that I literally cannot lose — so it’s probably going higher too.

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Fly Buy: $FATE, ARRY

I whittled myself down from 80% cash to 25% today, buying FATE as my last new position for the day. I think it’s apropos to own such a ticker, since my own fate is already forged into the rocks of my own DNA, which is made from bacon, whiskey, and gun powder, and that my friends is a winner.

I cannot lose. Watch all of the stocks purchased today careen higher and there’s nothing you or your stupid friends can do about it.

UPDATE: Biotech is the new hot sector. I stepped in and bought ARRY. Cash down to 20%.

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I Keep Buying Stocks — Nothing Can Stop Me — Cash Down to 30%

These are headlines designed to draw out my haters. Much to my chagrin, they’ve made themselves scarce these days, probably preferring their heroin needles and their bottles of booze rather than messing with the man inside of the FUCKING TIME MACHINE.

Listen to me now, for I will not repeat myself.

Markets will go higher.

Even if markets go down, I’ll still go higher.

I bought CRON, DDD, and GPRO this morning from the dentist’s office.

Now I bought OKTA and COUP — cash levels reduced to 30%.

Hell, you can see my stocks. After all, Exodus is now open for free trials for anyone who wants to try it for 7 days. You can look at my quant picks and see that they’re up 1.2% today, absolutely crushing the SPY.


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I Bought 3 New Stocks — Here’s Your Chance to Try to Stop Me

I’m 32 for my last 33. Your attempts to stop me have thusly failed, rather miserably. Being the generous man I am, I present to you another chance at vengence. Instead of buying great companies at high valuations, I am buying piece of shits at high valuations.

Ergo, your chance to stop me.

I bought CRON, GPRO, and DDD.

That’s right, fucked face. I bought a pot stock, a stupid helmet camera, and some 3D printer, designed for retards who want to manufacture iPhone cases in their cellars.

It’s also worth noting that my CGC reversed lower and is down and I am also down from my basis on both DDD and CRON. This could be the very beginning of the end of Le Fly.

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Please Help Me Learn How to Lose

This is like the Twilight Zone episode when the guy was dead, winning all the time at gambling, sticking up banks, getting chicks etc — never losing. It was later on revealed that this place he resided in, an apparent paradise, was in fact hell. I too have been trying to lose for weeks now, sashaying effervescently into long necked giraffe-like stocks, only to find myself on the receiving end of a most egregious victory.

Just yesterday, I bough CGC, hoping my 32 for 33 stock picking success winning streak would come to a very abrupt end. Then I come to find out Canada legalized pot and the fucking stock is sharply higher in the pre-market.

Did I die and this is my hell, a world of wanton victories without drawdowns? I must admit, this sordid brand of hedonism isn’t what you might think it is, from an emotional standpoint. The wins aren’t as exciting without the losses — the proverbial punch to the gut that makes you want to spit up your balls and maybe a lung.

Futures are up over 100 and I’ll probably put a lot of my 80% cash back to work today, in a true college spirited effort to lose some of it.

Wish me luck!

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