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Reminder: Moviepass is an Evil Corporation

Let’s review their business model.

Charge cut throat pricing to access movie theaters, instantly losing money for shareholders.
Subsidizing business model via onerous share offerings that hurt shareholders.
Attempting to disrupt theater business long enough to extort theaters into sharing in concession stand profits.
Literally the same business model as the Italian mafia, sans the legitimate facade of having a publicly traded majority shareholder and ability to tape capital markets.

New offering disclosed in the after-hours, sending shares sharply lower, yet again.

If you were AMC, would you ever cave into these faggots?

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Dow Tacks on Another 500 in Frantic Session; The Short Has Been Pushed Back into the Sea

BANNINGS are back. I’m exceedingly patient with some of you, much more than I should be. Last year I released all of the animals into the streets and you ran around freely and defecated around the halls — but the discourse all but eliminated you from the conversation — since the conversation discussed politics and world events — topics you retards knew very little about. Now with stock talk back on the front burner, I am literally attracting the worst booze hounds society has ever seen — ordinary mountebanks — drunk from morning thru night — teetering on the brink of mental insanity.

Believe me, I know a thing or two about crazy — having seen it first hand in one of my relatives. Some of you fuckers should be institutionalized — due to hyper-manic behavior that is the definition of emotionally unstable.

Speaking of unstable, markets shot up by another 500 and change — and still charging. While this might be a delight for those long SPY calls — this is wholly retarded. Hard to buy into what can only be described as a manic move higher.

My sales from this morning are still there highs of the session for OSTK and OLED, interestingly enough, and both of my new purchases (KODK, BITA) have moved up since I bought them. My quant strategy is only +1% and breadth is only 78%. Even still, it would be idiotic to find a chink in today’s armor. The fucking thing is up a thousand since the Friday, and ~1,500 since the Friday lows — so it is what it is.

Tankers are the standout today, partly thanks to NAT reporting solid results — partly thanks to Trump’s infrastructure plan. With the Dow being up so much, I have no other trades that I wish to do here, at least at this present time.

Free trials for Exodus end Wednesday, Valentine’s Day Massacre. If you want a peek, email me at flybroker at gmail.

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The most annoying stock broker I ever worked with used to say he was making ‘lateral moves’ when blowing out of one position and into another. Therefore, I am deploying his annoyance here for you to enjoy as much as I did.

I blew out of OLED for +7 and OSTK +2, both purchased on Friday.

With the proceeds, I bought the absolutely demolished shares of KODK and BITA — both shit of the purest qualities. I bought both for profit, not for pleasure.

As an aside, I find it humorous and alarming that TZA is up with the market hot like this. Perhaps a tell? We shall see.

In the interim, I am positioned to win either way. You can never derail my efforts or defeat me — for you are of a much lower caliber and quality.

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Are You Stupid Enough to Not Buy Cryptos Down at These Levels?

It was one thing to have missed the great tulipesque run higher from zero to $20,000; but it’s an entirely different thing to ignore it now — even after a 60% decline.

Might I suggest employing a Martingale Stratagem, whereby you simply commit to deploying vast sums of time and energy, as well as money, into the methodical purchase of SHITCOINS on a continuous basis until reaching profits of an absurd nature?

For example, I am allocating roughly 10% of iBC’s annual net profits into SHITCOINS. I prefer ETH, INS, STORJ, ELF, and SC — but have no issues with expanding that list to other names.

Point being, do not compound your initial errors by making new ones — sitting on your laurels like fools without bitcoins. Do you want to die and be known as the only person who didn’t own any bitcoins in his estate? What will your children think of you during probate upon learning of your priggish stupidity for not passing down bitcoins to them and their children? Why, they might cremate your remains and throw away your ashes for such a thing.

We do not know if bitcoin has bottomed yet. We only know it has been capped off at the knees and subjugated an entire generation of avocado eating lemmings to fall, forthwith, off a mountainside. These bearded beta males shed all of their SHITCOINS as they descended into the hard rocks and now they’re yours to pick up off the floor — practically for free.

Are you man enough to take them?

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Bob Parker: Price of Crude Strangled Between $60-70

Bob’s argument for a tight range of crude certainly makes sense. On one hand, economic activity keeps the price of crude elevated, with US production at 10m barrels per day. On the other, alternative energy has improved, placing a ceiling on the damned thing. Alas, we’re stuck in the range of $60-70 crude for the foreseeable future.

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Bearshitters beat down again. Unfortunately, I happen to be one right now in my tactical account — long FAZ, SOXS, TZA, hedged by several longs. While it is early and there’s still time for things to go horribly wrong, it appears the Dow is gonna punch heads to the upside.

Futures are +100 and Nasdaq +8.

What does it all mean?

How the fuck should I know? Anyone who says he can call this tape is a lying cocksucker and should be lined up and shot. I have two ways to play this — long and short. Systematically, I am hands off with my portfolio and don’t even look at the positions until the end of the month. In my trading account, I’m a dancing fool — clowning around with the fellas in Exodus all day long — for the laughs and the money.

In a perfect world, the market will drop by 5,000 points tomorrow — making me so happy and energetic, I will literally punch holes through the sheetrock in my office. But we can’t all get what we want, can we? All I want now is a little Valentine’s Day Massacre. Is that too much to ask?

As an aside, I was gonna do a post on teevee shows, listing some of my favorites. Do you have an interest? Being an avid consumer of Hollywood propaganda, I consider myself the foremost expert in all things cinema and teevee. I’m a repository of information and knowledge — a modern day biological Library of Alexandria — disseminator of facts stored deep within the recesses of my large fucking brain.

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The Largest Bubble of All Time is Starting to Get Noticed: Here’s Why I’m Not Scared

Interest rates are still very low — but they’re heading higher. Now thanks to the Trump tax cuts, government deficits are set to increase. If the cuts result in a boost in economic activity, then it won’t be an issue. However, if in fact the economy doesn’t respond — rates will go higher — because the treasury will need to issue more bonds.

John Mulvaney, Director, United States Office of Management and Budget, said rates would ‘spike’ today in a Fox interview because of this dynamic.

That agreement, which ended an hours-long partial government shutdown, boosts government spending by almost $300 billion. Mulvaney said that in his previous job as a fiscally-conservative congressman representing South Carolina, he would “probably not” have voted for the bill.

The additional spending could increase the deficit to about $1.2 trillion in 2019, and there’s a risk that interest rates “will spike” as a result, Mulvaney said.

U.S. Treasury yields have been rising in recent weeks on worries that inflation is heating up as the spending package juices an economy already souped up by tax cuts and at or near full employment.

Jim ‘Bow Tie’ Rogers has been making rounds again, warning of yet another horrible bear market — the worst ever.

“When we have a bear market again, and we are going to have a bear market again, it will be the worst in our lifetime,” Rogers, the chairman of Rogers Holdings Inc., said in a phone interview. “Debt is everywhere, and it’s much, much higher now.”

So what’s the thesis here?

Since the financial crisis of 2008, sovereign governments, in an attempt to prevent an economic downturn, ‘papered over’ the problem by doing bailouts and issuing more debt to increase spending — in order to keep the pitched forks at bay. The subsequent result is a debt bomb equal to $63 trillion — worldwide — of which more than 30% of it belongs to America.

At some point, this debt will become too great to service. With interest rates going up, governments will have to pay more in interest, taking away from their faggot programs, in turn reducing GDP. You can clearly see how this is going to menace the world at some point during our lifetime, yes? Everything you understand about the world will change, once this blows up.

The top indebted nations are America, Japan, China, Italy, and France. The highest debt/GDP nations are Japan (239%), Greece (181%), Lebanon, Italy, and Portugal.

To make matters inexorably worse, western nations are now facing a demographic nightmare, which is on pace to cut Italy’s population by 40% inside 50 years — Japan by 50%.

How will they be able to service their debt with half the population?

Pro-tip: they won’t.

Now you know why Europe is embracing migrants.

Short term, markets are getting jittery with each tick higher in the 10yr, an irrational mode of thinking since the rate is still very low. If the 10yr was higher than 4%, I’d argue you should panic — but not yet, not sub 3%.

Nevertheless, I recall back in 1997 when Wall Street was chimping out over higher rates and would monitor Fed auctions and if they went poorly, it’d send stocks sharply lower. Look for that to happen now. Bad auctions will spook markets and cause sell offs.

Because of this, I am long TMV — which is a levered bet against treasuries — an ark destroyer.

Without question, the debt bomb is the largest bubble of all time and I could see why Jim Rogers is nervous about it. But we do have canaries in the coal mine and we haven’t seen any problems in Greece or Japan yet, so people need to calm down and eat sandwiches and enjoy the good times while they still exist.

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Israel Conducts Heavy Air Strikes Inside Syria in Largest Escalation in Decades

I hate to disrupt your great big wonderful market rollercoaster — but it appears the anti-war Trump regime is greatly escalating the war in Syria — after years of failed attempts to remove Assad from Syria via their proxies (Syrian MUH rebels, ISIS, etc.)

Now, US airstrikes are taking out Russian military contractors.

This coming from the Moscow Times, a statement from a Russian contractor in Syria hit by US air raids.

“One [unit] is practically totally destroyed, and the second is smashed ’to smithereens,’‘ he wrote in a post on the Vkontakte social network on Thursday, citing an unnamed source.

In total, US strikes killed ~100 Syrian troops, including Russian contractors, in a ‘self-defense’ operation due to Syrian government forces attempting to expel US backed terrorists from the country.

A U.S airstrike killed about 100 Syrian troops after they launched an “unprovoked” attack against a military base used by American-led coalition forces battling the Islamic State in eastern Syria, the U.S. military said.

U.S. Central Command said the strikes were launched in self-defense after as many as 500 attackers began what appeared to be a coordinated assault on the headquarters of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

Syria’s official state-run news agency SANA confirmed the deaths Thursday and labeled the strike an “aggression” and “new massacre.”

While SANA insisted the pro-government troops were battling Islamic State fighters, it also admitted to launching an assault on the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led group opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The U.S. involvement is a rare example of U.S. forces striking directly at Syrian regime troops. In June, a U.S. fighter jet shot down a Syrian warplane after it bombed U.S.-backed fighters.

It also comes as battlefields in Syria have become more tangled amid military interventions from nations such as Turkey, which oppose the Kurds.

Russia’s foreign ministry meanwhile claimed Thursday that the U.S. airstrike on pro-Assad troops reflected Washington’s attempts to seize Syrian economic assets. Russia is a close ally of Assad and is helping the government bomb rebel-held targets. There was no immediate reaction from Washington over Moscow’s allegation.

At least 19 civilians, including a medic and children, were killed in Syrian government strikes on opposition-held territory near the capital Damascus on Thursday, activists said.

And today, Israel joined the fun — after what they said was an incursion by an Iranian drone into Israeli airspace. They retaliated and bombed the shit out of the Iranian outposts in Syria — which resulted in a downed Israeli F-16. After that happened, they went in and bombed some more — which is now being described as the largest escalation between Israel and Syria in decades.

For more coverage.

PM Netanyahu statement.

Here’s the buzz on Twitter.

Russian statement.

UPDATE: Apparently, it wasn’t Russian equipment.

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Markets Violently Trade Higher in Roller Coaster Session for the Ages

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Today was a Tale of Two Cities, maybe 3. I started out bullish, buying OLED. Then the market crashed lower by nearly 500, so I got bearish and played myself into a TZA position. Then the market reversed and when it was +60, I bought some OSTK — because I was bullish again. The only problem with my recent ‘feelings’ is they didn’t accompany me selling out of my hedges — because MUH ‘just in case’ syndrome hit me.

By day’s end, the market short covered into the fucking sky — but oil was still in the gutter — like losers. I got my dick cut off clean in SOXS, FAZ, and TZA, while licking my wounds and making some coin in OLED, OSTK, and short bonds TMV.

Over in my non-emotional quant portfolio, it didn’t give a shit about the intra-day patterns and didn’t talk shit all day on Twitter, ending up the day +2.6%.

I can’t say this fast tape is a surprise to me — since I’ve seen this action before. Instead of guessing where the market will go next, I’ll reserve my hyperbolic statements — since it’s late and bid you farewell.

NOTE: We’re doing Exodus trials now thu Valentine’s Day. Hit me up at Flybroker at gmail.com for access.

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