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Do not misconstrue my internet friendliness for softness. I will fucking kill your goldfish and have your eyebrows punched off—with a snap of my fingers.

After coming down from my caffeine high, I am paring some of my longs—selling off some [[CTRP]], [[SNCR]], [[WB]] and [[HANS]].

Although I believe the near term direction is up, I am respecting the obvious 1400 S&P resistance, despite hating those who look at charts.

In short, you are not better than me. You are a “homo-hammer” recipient and will respect my market mastery, whether you want to or not.

Good Day

NOTE: In the event the market spikes tomorrow, I have long positions in [[UYG]], [[HANS]], [[CTRP]] and [[WB]] to offset my short positions in [[SRS]], [[FXP]] and [[POT]]—giving me an overall slightly bearish bias.

UPDATE: Stay tuned for a paid commercial from Alpha Dawg.

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[[POT]] is not going to $300. Not in my lifetime.

The Fed statements were exactly what the market needed: a bunch of nothing.

On one hand, they sound less hawkish. On the other, they still have the door open for further rate cuts, thanks to the fucktards who operate our banks.

The market is having a very difficult time breaking through these levels. However, I do believe there is room for multiple expansion.

If you’re heavily short, you must hedge yourself with long bets.

If [[BWLD]] can run, you have to believe there is room to the upside in retail names, like [[JCG]], [[AEO]] or [[ZUMZ]].

With my money, I am looking to leg into some [[PJC]] and [[CTRP]].

In short, anticipate an explosion to the upside soon. On that rally, take some profits and go smoke a few cigars over a “rocks glass” of “rich mans whiskey.”

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Get Ready to Kill Some Bears

So sorry for the late post. I’ve been busy.

I hope you retards are now able to see, for the 10,000th time, “The Fly” is able to trade better than you, when properly motivated. I’ll have you know, [[HANS]] is behaving “rather slave-like” to my commands and [[CORS]] is going to zero—ever since I sold (yesterday).

While it’s true, my double inverse ETF’s are quite gay, I have made up for them, and more, via bountiful long positions—in a variety of names.

I want you to pay attention to what is going on. No more reading sad housing stories or third rate bloggers, who profess doom, but cannot make you a red cent.

[[BWLD]] just decapitated all of their bears!

Despite being saddled with extraordinary high inputs, the masters of greasy chicken wings managed to feed the fat fucking faces of America, in record fashion.

What does this mean, ponders the old cow, in front of his computer?

It means the market is ready to bust loose, despite the pending recession—which may never materialize.

Anyway, I am going long all sorts of stocks, including [[CTRP]], HANS, [[LAZ]], [[SNCR]] and [[JCG]].

It’s early 2007 again and there’s nothing you or your stupid friends can do about it.

Regarding today’s Fed meeting:

Should Bernanke do nothing, I am going to lever my long positions, with great vigor. On the other hand, if he cuts and gives some bearish commentary, I might slap on [[SKF]] for a trade.

I’ll say it again: In order for the bulls to have a run away market, they need the commodity bubble to burst. That will happen if the Fed stops cutting rates and if the dollar strengthens.

NOTE: fuck [[POT]]

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I Am Better Than You

Long [[HANS]], [[WB]], [[LAZ]], [[SRS]], [[FXP]], [[SMN]], [[CTRP]], [[UYG]], [[AAPL]] and [[FMCN]], while short [[POT]].

Do not debate my supremacy. It has been documented 1,000 times over.

NOTE: Stay tuned for a paid commercial from Prospectus.

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Position Updates: MVIS

My spies who attended the “MVIS does Manhattan” meeting were very impressed with the company’s new product: SHOW.

In addition, they feel the company is well on its way to meet all milestones, including a minor product release in 2008.

Just in case you are wondering, there was no talk of financing at the meeting. However, my people believe the company might raise money, sometime in December of ’08— hopefully around $5 per share.

Doing some quick numbers, if everything stays on track, [[MVIS]] can do $30-40 million in ’09 and as much as $100 million in 2010.

Last I heard, following the luncheon, the company was meeting with Citigroup.

Personally, I want to wait for a pullback in the stock, prior to adding to my minor position. However, after I get a pullback, I might be an aggressive buyer.

NOTE: God willing, the company will release some partner names, over the next 6 months.

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Don’t Be a Loser

While my wizard (Merlin) casts spells on ag stocks, I have been very busy intaking massive quantities of caffeine.

I know you fucktards think the market will swan dive, on the back of horrendous future news. Too bad you’re all wrong.

While reading this website, be sure to accept the market misdirection “The Fly” offers you.

One day I am a bull, the next a bear.

Try to understand, I have many more neurons operating in my brain, than all of you—possibly combined. When I die,  my head will be severed from my body, preserved, then kindly displayed at Universities throughout the world.

Regarding the market:

I have “multiple wins” taking place in [[HANS]], [[LAZ]], [[WB]], [[UYG]] and [[CTRP]]. In addition, I am hedged, via [[SRS]] and [[FXP]].

However, it’s worth noting, I have very little confidence in my Chinese short position, considering how brazenly corrupt those bastards are.

I do not mean to spread rumor, but I am hearing, from multiple sources, [[TWPG]] “may be in trouble.” Thus far, I do not have a short position. However, looking at the company, I cannot give you a good reason to go long.

Finally, I am not going to bet against oil. I have a minor [[DUG]] position and will be content with getting my money back, without having to add additional funds.

Betting against oil is for losers.

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Fly Buy: HANS

I bought 2,000 [[HANS]] @ $33.90.

Disclaimer: If you buy HANS because of this post, when you get divorced, your wife will take half. And, you may lose money.

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