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“The Fly” is Back — Literally Unfazed By Yet Another Market Meltdown

I spent the day embedded in the natural degeneracy that is NYC. Amidst the smell of homeless man bum and Chanel stores, Le Fly found respite in a wide varietal of fatty foods. I’ve been eating like an absolute savage since getting off from my vegan exploits. The way I see it, I’ll be living in the gym soon and I might as well get it out of my system, especially since I’ve been injuring myself and serving penance on the altar of asinine dietary plans.

Let it be known, “The Fly is drinking more than ever — mostly, gin — eating gigantic steaks, eschewing the faggotry world of politics like the plague, and winning like an olympic gold medalist in these here markets.

On Friday, my trading account closed flat. Today, it traded down 0.25%, all the while the lot of you were beaten with shovel, racked and ruined, for at least 2%.


I step into tomorrow’s tape a proper man, one without heavy losses and instead in a great position to fleece you of your margin liquidations.

Good nite.

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Of all days to crash the market. “The Fly” is out sauntering about NYC, enjoying the climate and the food — all the while wild roaming beasts crush the skulls of our robotic overlords.

I only have LABD, NUGT and lots of cash to hedge. I haven’t checked my quotes to see if I’m surviving the melee.

Is gold offering save harbor? Will Le Fly live to saunter in Paris this summer?

Please fill me in in the comments section, as I am no longer able continue this communication.

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And Just Like That…Futures Are Through the Roof Again

You might be getting motion sickness by now. The up and down jerking of the market is enough to make one sick. Futures are +150 and the Nasdaq is heading for a +50 open. There is a lot of good news this morning, none as big as Bitcoin breaking higher again. It seems, and correct me if I’m reading this wrong, but the cryptos are signaling risk appetite is back. A fresh crop of newly minted SHITCOIN investors are about to buy some lambos. This move has been building slowly — but here we are BTC $9,300 and ETH encroaching on $700 again.

My portfolio of cryptos is +50% over the past two weeks and I’m looking to again add to it — seeing that the HODLers are back and all. However, firstly, we need to bank some coin in the proxies, while of course avoiding the typical hazards of investing in horribly operated companies. First and foremost, get long OSTK and enjoy the ride.

Gold, oil and copper all higher, the latter up 1.7% — which is boolish for China stocks.

I’m taking a personal day off today, which will be spent in NYC for my daughter’s birthday. If you see me sauntering around NYC, you may not approach me or ask for autographs. However, if you should notice that I am instead traversing or even idling you may come say hello. I want you to pay attention to the distinction, for the former can get you killed.

Also, Amazon is now delivering packages to the trunk of your car.

Here are some other headlines moving markets this morning.

Gapping up/down: ATI +6%, WHR +4%, CAT +4% and VZ +3% after earnings, MITL +9% after M&A news; SHW -5%, MMM -3% and BIIB -2% after earnings

Gapping up
In reaction to strong earnings/guidance

  • CDNS +13.2%, SANM +12.3%, WFT +8.1%, SRCI +6.8%, EDU +6.1%, ATI +5.9%, SLM +4.5%, WHR +4.4%, HLX +4%, CAT +4%, SAP +3.7%, HOG +3.6%, MDR +3.6%, CBI +3.1%, RUSHA +3%, VZ +2.9%, UTX +2.6%, CR +2.2%, FITB +1.9%, ZION +1.8%, AMP +1.5%, JBLU +1.5%, PHM +1.3%, KO +1.2%, LMT +1.2%

M&A news:

  • MITL +8.8% (to be acquired by an investor group led by affiliates of Searchlight Capital Partners in an all-cash transaction valued at approx. $2.0 billion; MITL shareholders to receive $11.15 per share in cash)
  • TRMB +4.9% (Trimble to acquire privately-held Viewpoint from Bain Capital in all-cash transaction valued at $1.2 billion – expected to be completed in Q3; expects first quarter revenue to be above the high end of the range of prior guidance)
  • SHPG +4% (Shire plc: Takata (TKPYY) close to agreement to acquire SHPG following improved offer to GBP 47.00/share, according to Bloomberg)

Other news:

  • EVLV +33.3% (Amazon said to have held acquisition talks with Evine Live (EVLV), according to TechCrunch)
  • TNDM +3.5% (entered into distribution agreements with Australasian Medical & Scientific and New Zealand Medical & Scientific to commercialize Tandem’s t:slim X2 Insulin Pump in Australia and New Zealand)
  • ALNY +2.9% (announces new results from the APOLLO Phase 3 study )
  • CYTK +2.8% (presents data from the Phase 2 clinical study of reldesemtiv in patients with spinal muscular atrophy)
  • ZYME +2.6% (Zymeworks announced that Celgene (CELG) exercised its right to expand its collaboration agreement for the research, development, and commercialization of bispecific antibody therapeutics using Zymeworks’ Azymetric platform)
  • LQ +2.2% (ticking higher after Sohn announces SohnIdeaContest winner — Andrew Walker of Rangeley Capital with LQ submission)
  • NWL +2% (announced its first quarter 2018 earnings results will be released Friday, May 4; Starboard filed its definitive proxy statement as announced before the open), TSRO +2% (positive top-line results from Quadra trial of ZEJULA)
  • EBAY +1.7% (eBay and PayPal finalize new payments agreement)
  • PRTA +1.7% (after today’s 25 point / 69% decline)
  • BSX +1.3% (announces one-year data from INTREPID study on advanced, levodopa-responsive Parkinson’s disease)
  • AMZN +1.2% (Glenview Capital’s Larry Robbins said at Sohn that rumors of Amazon moving into pharma are untrue)
  • BA +1.1% (Boeing and Ryanair (RYAAY) final order for 25 additional high-capacity 737 MAX 8 airplanes worth $3 bln at current list prices)
  • NTEC +1% (presents data collected from two Phase 1 studies of its proprietary Accordion Pill Carbidopa/Levodopa )

Analyst comments:

  • DISCA +3.1% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Deutsche Bank)
  • IQ +2.5% (initiated with a Buy at Citigroup)
  • BP +1.3% (upgraded to Buy from Neutral at Goldman)
  • HD +0.8% (initiated with Outperform ratings at Wells Fargo)
  • LOW +0.7% (initiated with Outperform ratings at Wells Fargo)

Gapping down
In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance

  • CVNA -6.5%, (also commences 10 mln share follow-on public offering of Class A common stock — includes 4 mln by selling stockholders), SHW -4.6%, MAS -3.4%, MMM -3%, SAN -2.9%, AMTD -2%, TRV -2%, BIIB -2%, CNC -1.9%, TVTY -1.1%, MLI -1.1%

Other news:

  • EPZM -15% (announced that U.S.-based enrollment of new patients into tazemetostat clinical trials is temporarily on hold)
  • AGO -4.9% (dips lower in after hours trade after Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn voices concerns at the Sohn conference)
  • INCY -4.6% (following FDA advisory committee meeting for baricitinib)
  • JOE -3.9% (speculation that JOE will be next Kerrisdale short target)
  • CASA -3% (files for 7.35 mln share common stock offering by holders including Chief Executive Officer and other officers and directors; announces partial lock-up release)

Analyst comments:

  • HSIC -1.3% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Goldman)
  • SWKS -0.7% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Mizuho)

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You’ve been told that the west enjoys freedom. But what if I told you we’ve never had less freedom — in the history of man. Would you believe me? The information is right in front of your faces. We’re all just one small infraction away from prison. Your data is being parsed like never before and you’re targeted for crimes that are patently ridiculous.

Look at this ‘crime’ that was committed in the UK — which earned an old man 8 months in prison. He stuck his middle finger up at a camera.

The North Yorkshire police department are so accustomed to tyranny they boasted about this on their Twitter account — warning others to avoid said crime.

Police were unable to ascertain his speed but charged him with perverting the course of justice, which he pleaded guilty to at court.

The judge who jailed Hill said such actions “strike at the heart” of the justice system and his sentence must act as a deterrent to others.

Traffic Constable Andrew Forth, who led the investigation for North Yorkshire Police, said afterward: “If you want to attract our attention, repeatedly gesturing at police camera vans with your middle finger while you’re driving a distinctive car fitted with a laser jammer is an excellent way to do it.

“It’s also an excellent way to end up in prison. As Hill’s case shows, perverting the course of justice is a very serious charge which carries a custodial sentence.

“It’s our job to keep road users safe across all 6,000 miles of North Yorkshire’s roads. Mobile safety camera vans are an important tool to do that – they are proven to reduce collisions and they help save lives.

How dare he!

They’re watching your browser history, your GPS location, listening to your phone conversations, picking up on keywords, investigating your banking transactions, making sure you’re behaving online: humans have never been less free — ever.

In other news, it may be time to discard your common stock portfolios for cryptos again. The sector is red hot and I’m firing up my Binance account again — hoping to get in on the next wave.

Total market cap is now $412m, still -50% from the highs.

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Why is “The Bond King” Gundlach Telling Me to Short $FB?

Last year Gundlach told everyone at the Sohn conference to go long emerging markets, short SPY. I could deal with that rec and accept it, even from a disgusting, filthy, bond guy — such as himself. But this year he’s gone too far.

At the Sohn conference this afternoon he told people to short Facebook and to get long oil stocks.

The details are as you would expect — Facebook is a public relations nightmare, an evil corporation spawned on earth to spy on and control the populous. I love how FUCKED FACES like Gundlach are just learning about this now in 2018. We all knew Facebook was doing this and those of us who were keen to their schemes avoided the platform altogether.

All of the socials are honey pots to fetter out dissidents.

As for the oil trade, I imagine he believes bond yields are heading higher because so is inflation. Higher CPI usually means higher commodity prices. Again, only a fucking retarded chimp goes on stage and says these things to a group of top hatted gentlemen.

I follow a strict code of conduct when eating at niche restaurants and I think it applies here.

Never order a steak in a seafood house.

Never order the fish in a steakhouse.

And here, don’t take stock advice from a bond salesman, especially when he’s shilling for adoration in a crowd filled with bumbling, sycophantic, idiots.

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Listen to me. I am tired and need to go take a nap. The market isn’t going to hurt me. No idea what it has in store for you — but I’m sure it’s not good.

I bought some VERI and a hedged a little with LABD — betting against science. I’ve never been a ‘fan’ of science and instead prefer ritualistic spells and magic. I once cured my broken arm with a simple pagan spell, which included a rather easy blood sacrifice to the gods.

I am short MUH medicine.

The VERI trade is pure alpha, so that trade might very well go sideways and out on me. I angled into that thing at about 33 degrees, hoping to come out at 90 — but I might have to a 180 and flip out of that fucker — should the waters get rough.

Off to nap for a few.


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Here Are the Top Industries in Every Sector, Year to Date

This post will keep you honest — highlight the fact that you quite literally haven’t the slightest clue of what you’re doing. You manage money for others — but behave like infants in a sandbox — tossing sand around like animals covering their feces. You, Sir, are a vagrant mountebank.

Good morning.

Basic Materials
Silver +11%
Consumer Goods
Personal Products +8%
Investment Brokerage, National +6.7%
Home Healthcare +24%
Education and Training +11.7%
Security Software and Services +22%
Foreign Utilities +12%

If you want more details, you misers will just have to sign up for Exodus.

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Stocks Look Bouncy — Aluminum Hammered on Russian Sanctions Relief Offer

Nasdaq futures are +30 and despite the recent volatility in the market — I am getting bored of the monotony. Up, down, up, and then down — with the same verve, but going, inexorably, nowhere.

The rhetoric is the same and the people spewing it are predictably lame. CNBC is more worthless than ever — posting nonsense like this on their site.

And I am completely bored with politics and don’t think I’ll ever talk about it again here. I might discuss geopolitical events — but the left v right stuff is fucking lame and you won’t get much of that from me anymore.

Early going, both gold and oil are lower — and Bitcoin cash is through the roof, +25%. I’ve been making some of my losses back in my SHITCOIN portfolio. I’ve completely forgotten about the thing, since the blow out. Last year this time, I vividly recall discussing Bitcoin at this derby party I visit every year and the price shot up from that point and never looked back. I suspect people think the price is heading up now because tax season is over — but that’s stupid and also jelly-brained dumb.

Aluminum is getting hammered this morning, off by 6%, due to US sanctions on Russia’s Rusal.

Oleg Deripaska is a Russian oligarch, President of Rusal.

This from Reuters today, stirring the pot in Siberia.

“The entire life of this city depends on Rusal,” said Evgeny Ivanov, until recently a foreman at the plant in Sayanogorsk, where pockmarked asphalt recalls the harsh winters endured by its 60,000 inhabitants, and icy blue mountains line the horizon.

“If something were to happen to the factory, in my opinion the town would die out. There would be nothing left for people to do here,” he said in one of the town’s few cafes, explaining that the private firm he now works at also depends on the plant.

“There are lots of people here who are unhappy with the government, and with Putin too. If the plant starts cutting staff, people will revolt,” he said, declining to be named for fear of losing his job.

“If people are fired, what will they do in this town? … They’re not going to sell sunflower seeds, are they?” a worker responsible for repairing smelting pots said.

Globalism is shitty, except for the fact that it interconnects nations and gives them an incentive to keep the peace. If we didn’t have strong trade relations with China or Mexico, I’m pretty sure we’d attack them by now. This row with Russia will likely be resolved by using economic leverage against them. The only reason why we have said leverage is because of globalism — which is both a peacemaker and scourge of our day.

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The Last Time Interest Rates Were Going to Be the End of Times — Stocks Surged

Yield fags need to be stopped, once and for all. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of these people shitting on my parade — bringing their problem to the table and crying about it like little bitches. If you’re employed on a fixed income desk, listen to me now: go fuck yourself.

As the 10yr treasury approaches 3%, the first time since the Taper Tantrum crisis of 2013, bond nerds are out in full force proclaiming it to be the end of the bull market. Last time yields cocksized up against the 3% mark, stocks fucking raged higher with retard strength. Hell, 2013 was the best year of all time. We made so much money in stocks that year, Le Fly was lighting cigars with bank notes.

Here’s the top story on CNBC now, warning people of dark times because MUH 3% was going to convince people to ditch their stocks in favor of fucking bonds.

“I think there’s still a lot to go,” the firm’s chief investment officer said Thursday on CNBC’s “Futures Now.” “[The] 10-Year Treasury yield has been below fair value for nearly ten years thanks in large part to central bank bond purchasing that’s been going on.”

His thoughts came as the 10-Year yield, which moves inversely to debt prices, made another run to 3 percent. On Friday, the benchmark rate hit its highest level in more than 4 years.

“If you take a look long-term, where the 10-Year Treasury typically trades, it matches nominal [economic growth],” Ablin said. “And, the last nominal [growth] number we got in December of last year suggested that the 10-Year Treasury should be about 4.1 [percent] not 2.9,” he added.

Stocks historically become less attractive as yields move higher. In the easy money environment since the financial crisis, low yields created great demand for stocks.

“The fact is that the bond market has been in this tug-o-war for capital for the last ten years with one arm tied behind its back,” Ablin said. “The equity market has essentially been the only child of that relationship.”

With the Federal Reserve normalizing its interest rate policy and the European Central Bank hinting it’ll soon do the same thing, Ablin expects Treasuries to become more attractive.

“We see the 2-Year [Treasury] now nearly at more than 2.4 percent. So, yields are starting to get more attractive on the front end where the Federal Reserve has its influence,” he noted. Shorter-dated yields surged to its highest level since September 2008. In the past year, the yield has surged more than 100 percent.

Ablin, who’s bullish on the 2-Year, said that not even a “fantastic” earnings season will prevent the stock market troubles likely coming down the pike.

“The fact is the European Central Bank has already said they’re likely to end their program in September. So, I think the bond market is starting to sense that, and that’s why we’re seeing rates rise there,” Ablin said.

Now for the facts, via WSJ circa 2013.

Since 1967, during periods when bond yields have risen while confidence has increased (i.e., a “good” yield rise) average annualized stock price returns have been almost 13% and despite rising bond yields, the stock market has only declined about one-third of the time. For comparison, when yields have risen and confidence has declined, the stock market has declined nearly one-half the time and with an average annualized price return of -6.4%.

In short, yields rise when the economy is doing well. When the economy does well, earnings are increasing, which eventually results in higher stock prices. Ignore the bonds geeks and embrace the idea that inflation might be something worth having — as long as it’s under 3%.

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Leaders of Update NY Sex Cult Arrested — Funded By Heiresses of Seagram’s Fortune

This story is a lot of take in and I don’t want to get into the minute details of it here.

The cult leader is a man named Keith Raniere — a poser who lied about his intelligence and credentials — claiming to have the Guinness Book of World Records highest IQ — founder of the sex cult called Nxivm. This story was in fact discussed in detail back in 2003 — yet authorities only bothered to arrest them now in 2018.

Here’s where it gets interesting. This nobody loser started up a company to help motivate people, located in update NY. Two actresses from the former hit teevee show Smallville were roped up in it: Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.




The leader, Raniere, called himself “Vanguard”, would get fresh recruits, aka sex slaves, with the help of Allison Mack — who rose to #2 in the organization and was considered a ‘master slave’ who helped starve women on 500 calorie per day diets and also brand them near their vaginas with the initials of Raniere and her own.

Branded into scores of women

During one of Raniere’s motivational speeches, he ran into the heiresses of the Seagram’s fortune, Sara and Clare Bronfman. Needless to say, they hit if off and they soon joined his cult.

Sara and Clare Bronfman

Together, these loons formed a foundation: The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation

Here’s their mission statement.

Historically, the discovery of scientific thinking and logic created improvements in civilization. The enticement of these conveniences caused many influential people to forget the source of this thinking: Humanity.

We believe transforming this thinking throughout the different branches of society; education, business, science and government is vital for the future of our children and future generations.

We believe it is essential for our decision processes to evolve to a humanity first foundation.

It is our hope the effects of such a shift in thinking and process will set a new course for humanity; steering us towards a more noble civilization.

Raniere’s motivational success company, ESP, has offices in Albany, NY, NYC, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Guatemala City, Guadalajara, Vancouver, and Monterrey.


How did this seemingly ordinary fellow manage that? Answer: Seagram’s fortune.

The heiresses tapped into their trust and funded him in the amount of at least $150 million. Here’s where it gets really funny from a Wall Street point of view.

Back in 2007, Keith took a run at the commodity markets, when oil was well over $100 and seemingly going up forever — until it didn’t. He claimed to have developed a super super algorithm that could predict movements in the energy market. He used said algo to buy and sell oil — losing an astounding $65 million in the process.

After taking so many Ls, Raniere blamed the patriarch of the Seagram’s fortune, Edgar Bronfman, father of Clare and Sara, for meddling in his affairs because (get this) he had proof that the holocaust was a giant fiction, the biggest lie of the 20th century.

There’s also the matter of a motherless 3 year old boy living in the Nxivum compound, who was tended to by nannies and being groomed to be the successor for Raniere. What in the actual fuck?

So many questions arise from this story, such as, how the fuck did this loser from upstate NY convince Hollywood stars and heiresses to billions to join his fucking sex cult and finance him to the tune of $150m on retarded trading schemes? Also, who else is involved in this conspiracy? Over the years, Nxivum had a lot of high profile guests, one of which was almost the Dalai Lama.


Lastly, here’s a clip of Allison Mack losing her shit while interviewing Keith. On his Youtube channel, he uploaded a series of self-aggrandizing videos, all complete shit.

BEHOLD the power of mind control. Look at this shit.

Then there’s this young boy on Mack’s instagram account giving a speech, which could not have come from his own words.

And lastly, for rich irony, Mack, a self proclaimed feminist, in between forcing women into a life of sex slavery and starving them on 500 calorie per day diets in order to conform with the body type “The Vanguard” prefers, posted this on her IG.

Feel free to troll her Twitter account for more lovely jewels.

Oh, I almost forgot this small item. She posted a picture John Podesta’s spirit cooking celebrity back in January. Food for thought.

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