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Predictions for 2012

2012 Predictions

2012 will be the year to “pay the piper.” All of the drama of 2011 will be resolved in 2012. The year will start off with a bang, with indices spiraling lower amidst renewed panic of imminent european bank runs. This contagion will spread to latin america, asia and finally the United States. For the year, I expect the S&P to drop by a staggering 50%, marked by bankruptcies in almost every industry known to mankind. There will be panic and most certainly pain. Most of you will not make it out of 2012, as the market gobbles your portfolios whole. Nevertheless, you will continue to read iBankCoin, as it is your duty to do so.

Here are some more specific predictions.

  • BAC will file bankruptcy
  • Most large European banks will collapse, alongside the fucking euro.
  • Bank runs will become all the rage in Europe.
  • Nigel Farage will be raised to legendary status.
  • Obama will in fact WIN a 2nd term.
  • Mergers and acquisition with the software sector will remain prolific.
  • The first half of 2012 will be mired with an astounding 35% loss in the S&P 500.
  • The market will stabilize during the summer months, post collapse. However, renewed panic will present itself in the fall.
  • US GDP will barely stay above 1%
  • Unemployment will be in the 8-9% range.
  • Europe will be in depression.
  • Chinese GDP will fall to 6%
  • Indian GDP will fall to 4%, pushing its currency to new lows.
  • QE3 will be enacted in early 2012. The initial response will be positive, then fade.
  • TLT will trade north of $200.
  • In late 2012, signs of a Japanese debt crisis will emerge.
  • The European Union will collapse, alongside the euro.
  • Multiple EU countries will be considered insolvent.
  • The VIX will trade up to $100.
  • FAZ will zoom.
  • Venture Capitalist will suffer their worst year in a long time, mired by negative publicity regarding the mispricing of IPO’s and the second dot com bust.
  • Social networking companies will be viewed as a value, post collapse.
  • Facebook will withdraw its IPO.
  • “The Fly” will positively nail the 2012 Armageddon trade with space alien magician precision.
  • The dollar will soar, as well as the Yen.
  • The United States will begin armed conflicts in both Syria and Iran.
  • Oil will fall to $60
  • Gold will fall to $1,200, then soar to $2,100
  • Silver will fall to $15, then double to $30

The world will not end but it will suck.

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