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Predictions for 2009

Predictions For 2009

The euro will continue to collapse, calling into question its viability.

The dollar will remain a safe harbor, crushing many dollar bears along the way.

Oil prices will decrease in volatility, settling in around $30 per barrel.

Gold will collapse in the second half of 2009, under $500 per ounce.

Natural gas prices will trade in a range of $3.50-$6 for the entire year.

The price of corn, wheat and other agricultural products will collapse, making life very difficult for farmers.

Residential home prices will fall by another 15%.

Commercial real estate will feel the full brunt of the credit crisis, with vacancies sky rocketing to record levels.

AAPL will trade down to $50, before recovering.

GOOG will trade down to $250.

Rumors of a CHK bankruptcy will run rampant.

Most oil/gas stocks will fall by as much as 50%.

Hynix Semiconductor will file for bankruptcy protection.

AMD will file for bankruptcy protection.

MU will file for bankruptcy protection.

GE will fall into the single digits.

Several high profile homebuilders will fold.

The bubble in t-bills will continue until late 2009, sending yields to ridiculously low levels.

Obama’s stimulus program will disappoint.

50% of solar stocks will go away or melt into oblivion.

Taxes will rise, drastically.

Numerous states will request emergency funding from the Federal Government.

The unemployment rate will climb to 12%.

Bank stocks will fall by another 50% before recovering.

Water Utilities will outperform in 2009.

Russia will continue to devalue its currency.

Emerging markets will outperform Western stock markets.

The Dow will fall by 15%.

The Nasdaq will fall by 25%.

The S&P 500 will fall by 10%.

However, mid year, all indexes will drop by half, setting up a 2nd half rally.

Cash rich Japanese stocks will outperform.

China’s economy will continue to weaken, hurt by the U.S. consumer.

3 big name retailers will file for bankruptcy protection.

Chrysler will be liquidated.

F and GM will merge.

iBankCoin’s popularity will grow much faster than anyone could have predicted.

iBankCoin will makes its first acquisition in 2009.

Finally, The PPT will be a huge success, much to the chagrin of all “The Fly’s” enemies.

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