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Predictions for 2008

Predictions for 2008

The elections will be gay.

Taxes will go up.

Emerging markets will get their teeth kicked in, especially “BRIC.”

Commodity prices will remain robust, as food supplies dwindle.

Oil will keep a tight range of $75-90.

Natural gas will break $10.

Gold will break $1,000.

Two major financial institutions will fail.

There will be mergers in the brokerage sector.

Agriculture stocks will outperform in the first half, then dive in the 2nd.

Semiconductor stocks will bore investors to death.

[[CC]] will file for bankruptcy protection.

[[HOV]] will file for bankruptcy protection.

Stem cell stocks will gain momentum, with strong Democratic poll showings.

Utilities will continue to outperform, as old people look for yield.

[[PFE]] will make a big acquisition.

Many solar burrito stocks will drop by 50%, before recovering.

[[RIMM]] will get hit hard, in the second half of 2008.

[[AAPL]] will do well.

[[GOOG]] will lose mojo.

The Dow Jones will fall by 15%.

The Nasdaq will fall by 15-20%.

“The Fly” will still bank coin, despite spending too much time talking to retards on the internets.

Finally, iBankCoin.com will be worth millions.


UPDATE: The Earth will explode, much to your chagrin.

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