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Checkered Pants and Bow Ties

Good Sir, President Obama, you and your party have been rebuked tonight, not because of your parties name, but because of its impotent results. If the economy does not turn around, you Sir, will be a one term President, deservedly so.

If we are to take the newly elected republicans at face value, this country is about to return to “German-style” fiscal conservatism, which should effectively cancel out all plans of government stimulus and bailouts, no? Yes, from here on forth, all law abiding Americans are bounded by their honour to wear checkered pants, bow ties and smoke egregiously long cigars, while overlooking a fiercely lit fire. Based on campaign promises. business is back. Taxes will go lower and regulations will cease to exist. However, before we get to enjoy the chocolate cake, we must work through the mud first. We must impose harsh austerity measures, which will strengthen the dollar, weaken gold, stocks and commodity prices, in order to return America to fiscal conservatism.

If we are to believe what the newly elected republicans campaigned on, the Federal Reserve will be reined in and QE2 will be canceled. After all, how can they allow the Fed to waste another trillion dollars under their newly formed fiscally conservative government? Moreover, the markets should be on notice, effective immediately, for deflationary policies to be enacted by our newly formed government. Out with the old and in with the new, yes?

Naively, I am forced to believe everything changed today, because the votes are in. The people have spoken, no?

Oddly enough, the cynic in me says “nothing has changed.” The government has zero power over the great corporate lobby. The cynic in me says oil will remain ludicrously overvalued and gold will sustain its value, while the dollar continues to make new lows. These people who are elected know what needs to be done but lack the balls to do it. I say this with confidence because I have seen this puppet show before and I know how it ends: trillions in deficits, staggering liabilities and the end of America’s hegemony over its foreign subjects.

For the sake of my children, I hope to be proven wrong.

NOTE: Many thanks to Jakegint and Woodshedder for making tonight a memorable and enjoyable election. We should do this again.

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Say Hello To Your New Leader

The GOP has taken control of the House. God bless really bad Presidents.

John Boehner, House Majority Leader, Republican from the rusted state of Ohio

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At the very minimum, Harry Reid must suffer a most gruesome loss tonight, as he is GUILTY of crimes against humanity—being the commy bastard that he is. I declare: Harold Reid is a marxist and wants all of your money for his local casinos. If it was up to Mr. Reid, he’d send out stimulus money in the form of casino chips, so that you would play and lose it all in Vegas. Think of how many lives and families have been shattered because of casinos and Mr. Reid.

If you are into the shattering of families and people, vote for Harry Reid. Furthermore, if you are in favor of surrendering to small armies, vote for Harry Reid. Lastly, if you are in favor of handing out casino chips to convicted murderers, then freeing them so that they could play some blackjack in Vegas, VOTE FOR HARRY REID, ‘cuz that’s what that red nosed racist stands for.

In other news, futures are slipping; because that’s what futures do.

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It’s Safe to Masterbate Again

Tea Party favorite, Christine O’Donnell, major supporter of NOT beating ones meat, has been defeated by the “war hero,” Dick Blumenthal. I look forward to having men like Dick handle this nations military affairs.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAFFOeYY5vY 616 500]

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My great grandfather came to this country, from Sicily, then settled in Harlem, NYC, where he joined the mafia and made his mark. That’s what America is all about. Stake your claim, then shoot someone, possibly an enemy, in the face. These “illegal Mexicans” are a disgrace to past immigrants. These dish washers and construction workers are taking jobs away from machines and lazy white men. Well, thanks to the new agenda being ushered in by the Tea Party, their insidious reign of terror inside of NYC’s high end eateries (celery cutters!!!) will be coming to an end soon, God willing (by the way, we are a CHRISTINE NATION you heathens).

As the results roll in, one thing is for certain, GET LONG SHARES OF CXW (big position of Pershing Square’s), for many an illegal Mexicans will be serving time in prison soon. CXW is the leading candidate to receive “kick-ass” Federal dollars to “house” illegal critters, offering them food, earth, and water. As you know, margins are terrific inside of prisons. Other prison plays include: CRH (construction of prisons, amongst other stuff), GEO (“facilities”) and CNSL (telecom services).

In case you didn’t know, FREEDOM IS RETURNING to America tonight, distributed on a first come first serve basis.

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Vote Them Out

It’s very easy for me to post “crazy people” clips of prospective GOP candidates, in order to discount the movement. If you’ve been reading me for awhile, you know that I am politically indifferent. However, I fully support voting out all incumbents, even if it means voting in lunatics. The current roster of politicians are a disgrace to brains and should be escorted out of office in silver bracelets. I doubt there has ever been a time in this nations history when its representatives have been so inept/corrupt. Agreed?

A Republican victory ensures a slap in the face of incumbents. Furthermore, if things do not change, we will vote out all of the republicans, until they (the dogs who represent us) start to listen and enact the will of the people. There is an argument against “the people” by elitists who say “they don’t know anything. They are stupid.” That sort of thinking is what dictatorships are made from—total and complete rubbish.

Having said that, I am not an optimist, with regards to the Tea Party or any party for that matter. I just like seeing people get rebuked, then fired.

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Make Reagan Proud

Gentlemen of America (I assume only men take the time to vote),

Past American generations had to fight wars and get their arms ripped from torso, caused by the friction between the treads of a tank and gravel. Other generations had to throw knives into eye sockets and burn down whole cities, in order to “restore peace.” All you need to do is VOTE REPUBLICAN and do so often, in order to restore America back to its former glory. It really is that simple, like a chia-pet. Apply votes to machine and voila, a brand new country will emerge.

It might seem funny to you, partly due to your democrat inspired public education; but it’s not a game anymore. Let’s all avoid armed revolt, for the love of homosexual baseball teams winning the World Series, just vote GOP. After all, are there any democrats hotter than Palin? I thought so.

Over the next 12 hours or so, iBC will be all about politics, rooting for America to regain freedom, in the form of House and Senate majority for the GOP. If you are a demoncat, your local abortion clinic will be shut down shortly. No, seriously, you will endure a heinous loss today, due to the fact that your parties leaders are mentally ill, unlike our leaders. We have strong future leaders like Sharron Angle, Carl Paladino and Christine O’Donnell, while you have a black panther in the White House. I kid, I kid.

Relax and enjoy the jargon from some of the GOP’s best.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qxf6BOzNNY 616 500] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaN5-J0icrw 616 500] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCn9yspCl_g&feature=related 616 500] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy7kVIFNW5Y 616 500]

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