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The World is Off Balance

I get alarmed when things are going too well. Unfortunately, I am a bit paranoid in this regard and find it hard to restrain myself from thinking about worst case scenarios. I am well aware of how the Earth and water coexist with one another and how one person’s sin is another person’s sacrifice. Making money like this, well, it’s too easy. My comfort zone is one that is far more tedious and arduous for the soul to bear. Perhaps it was the way I was raised, dodging bullets, fending off knife attacks; but I prefer to face the abyss, just prior to dining at a three star Michelin eatery.

Having said that, I made myself oatmeal this morning. It’s been many months since my last bowl. After I poured the water into the ancient wooden bowl, I just sort of watched it getting cold. I found myself unable to enjoy the fruits of my labour [sic], even as little as eating a warm bowl of horse food. Instead, I ate it cold. I suffered through the cold horse food, in order to make a few hundred thousand dollars in personal gains this week. The world is off-balance and someone needs to set it straight.

As an aside, my monstrous sized mug of coffee is empty now, so I need to scurry along. I’m buying MOTR and SOL with vigor.


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY_3sSzPPKI&feature=related 616 500]

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Fly Buy: CCJ

I bought 10,000 CCJ.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnUW5DUpLYo 616 500]

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Everyone Wins

Flotek management meets with institutional investors tomorrow, 7:30am, at the NYSE. I suspect the shares have been spiraling higher in anticipation of God himself upgrading the shares to an “Apocalyptic Buy.” As said inside of The PPT, I’ve been selling into this surge. As a matter of fact, I’ve been selling considerable size and it has not stopped the stock from making new highs. How many shares have I sold so far? Sorry, that’s for members only.

Private equity rumors are swirling around JCG. I believe them and I think consolidation will continue. After all, if you are a large corporation with “fuck you bucks,” what else will you do with your billions? Treasuries? Fuck that. Go buy retail chains, who have decent balance sheets and vast portfolios of property, then lever that shit up and pay yourself a big fat dividend. That’s America, pal. Like it or not, this shit will continue.

In this type of tape, you just need to discard reason and let the testosterone guide you. If you overthink your trades, you’re gonna be shining my shoes. Should my PSUN trade lower tomorrow, Greeks will buy more and the shares will recover. Also, I am now saddled with a very large cash position and have no place to put it. Things are humming along at a brisk pace.

Going into year end, I’m interested in buying beaten down commodity names, with large short positions, readying to ramp.

PPT members, here is your screen.

Some names worth a look:


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72-jU9gIDlg 616 500]

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African Masks, Bow Ties and Black Flags

Today’s tape is scaring the shit out of short sellers, so I figured it was my duty to lend to the anxiety. I just got back from Wall Street, where I startled piker brokers with my African mask and multiple bow ties. That’s right, Jim Rogers doesn’t have shit on me. “The Fly” wears multiple bow ties, when dressed to impress. The whole African mask thing is something I took from my sons art project. It is scary as shit and makes stock brokers panic by the sheer sight of it.

I received a text message this morning from some guy who has like $25 in his account with me. It read: “please get me an allocation of GM’s ipo. I will wire you the money immediately.” My response, as you could imagine: “go fuck yourself.”

See folks, clients are not special. They’re just people who think they are special. In reality, they are assholes, just like you. I make it a point to let people know how insignificant they really are, with regards to my personal life. I do not need their business, nor do I really want it. It’s a job, not so much different than picking up trash or mopping hot tar on a roof. My job is to make lots of money for people and take a cut of said money, so that I can finance projects designed to undermine the fabric of society.

We’re going gangbusters here, folks. We are in a LONG ONLY market, where shorting leaves you dead in the street, sans African mask. I like retail, going into Black Friday. Names like LIZ, PSUN, ANN and THQI interest me. I’m also interested in pressing the shorts in FTK. You know those fuckers are squirming, hoping the pain will stop. They figure the stock is up huge and it needs to rest a little.


There will be no respite, nor safe quarter—just African masks, bow ties and black flags.

NOTE: December seasonality screens are up in The PPT. Very interesting data.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlX-b0mWPK4 616 500]

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The Brett Favre Nation

I was going to pen a stinging hit piece on how giddy the media is over the Fed wasting $600 billion dollars to stimulate foreign economies. I was going to discuss the difference between QE1 and QE2 and how QE2 is far more sinister and lacks the innocence of Fed policy enacted during a crisis. But then I realized my own words: “whining over things beyond your control is an exercise in futility.” So instead of throwing raw meat at the mob, I’ve decided to be constructive, all part of “The New Fly’s” persona.

Forget about the economy, for it is doomed. The Fed couldn’t care less about jobs or the dollar or you. The market is rigged, from the top all the way down to the bottom. Upright walking pigs, aka mutual fund managers, are mandated to invest in equities, no matter what. They simply take your money and toss it into barrels of flaming garbage. True wealth is being created abroad. Look no further than the profits of your favorite stocks—all overseas. That’s what the market is all about, right or wrong. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept America’s second tier status, which induces investors (myself included) to act rashly when witnessing bad data, here at home. It’s not about us anymore.

This is a country full of Brett Favre’s, once great but now past its prime. Slowly but surely, people will accept this new normal and send their money abroad, right alongside the QE miracle bucks.

UPDATE: I sold out of MERU, north of $16.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke6VpcWsLlE 616 500]

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Time Bomb

Today’s sell off is garden variety. It’s nothing. There is no pain being distributed to you jelly bellies. Let this marinate a little then the ZING! will sink in.

So you know, I will make money in my AEM, SPG shorts, despite the boom in CRE and gold. Things can get out of hand for a long, long time, as evidenced by the share prices of CMG, NFLX and CRM. That’s what I call multiple expansion. Cramer likes to remind people of how right he was, recommending those stocks. Trust be told, he had no idea those stocks were going to the stratosphere. It’s Resorts International all over again and no one can predict that. Buying  NFLX is more than retarded, but reckless.

Having said that, I am long a variety of lotto stocks, due to their nature. They are outliers and tend to ignore the trend, as evidenced by the pin action in RARE EARTH and other Chinese stocks today.

Finally, there is much to bellyache about the performance of VXX. However, I am not delusional and do not expect it to do well during melt ups. Big mistakes should not conjoin with weakness, in the form of public displays of unhappiness.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt0D3S4Qp8g 616 500]

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Lick the Chocolate Bomb

Imagine your favorite chocolate was wrapped around a ticking time bomb. Then imagine yourself taking quick licks from said bomb, because it tastes so damn good. Then imagine said bomb detonating your face off. This market is a ticking chocolate bomb. Have a lick.

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to today’s Chinese lottery drawing, as I am long a handful of gambles: CDII, XING, CHGS, JST and HEAT. Actually, now that I just wrote that, I am obligated to sell several of them.

iBC is starting a new division, with regards to RFID chip implantation. Instead of having to login to your PPT, PDS, Bleier service, we will send a “certified” iBC surgeon to your house, who will “painlessly” implant an RFID chip into your neck, for easy access to global iBC services. Don’t worry about sending us your address; we already know where you live.

In closing, I look forward to yet another day of mindless dart throwing activities. This run will be complete when FTK gaps up to $4. Actually, with all of the crap going higher, FTK is well deserving of a nice lift-off. The company is performing superbly, aside from moribund stock price action.

Top picks: Lotto, MWW

UPDATE: I sold out of XING @ $2.20

UPDATE II: I sold out of JST, $13.60+

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGe5q0hAwgY 616 500]

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What Should Happen

With the Pimco, Blackrock and the NY Fed suing BAC, the floodgates have been breached. This should open up the banks to massive lawsuits, worldwide, for selling fraudulent MBS. Again, it’s not about the home owner, who gets a stay of execution. It’s about the mortgage process not being legal, which essentially opens up a legal loophole for institutions to be “made whole” on their MBS investments. It’s not a matter of being “nit-pickers.” These institutions have no choice, whatsoever, than to sue the banks, as it is their fiduciary responsibility.

Now we know why the banks were sitting out the rally. Smart/insider traders knew about this news and positioned accordingly.

How will this affect the market?

Again, it’s only my opinion, but this lends to the idea of a pause or sell off, following such a big run. Investors will want to digest the news, evaluate the potential damage to the banks, and book profits, ahead of the elections.

What type of downside action are we looking for?

I am looking for total destruction of this entire move higher, bringing the Dow down to about 10,000, or a smidge lower. I make such predictions with a big grin on my face and pistol in my pocket.

Finally, I sold out of a bunch of rentals today; but still hold other “stuff.” I am not quick to jump in the bear cave , following a 200 point decline. Ideally, I can sell out of more longs, on a reflex bounce tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: I sold short SPG.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkaGL3D5qxo 616 500]

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One More For the Road

With sincere hopes of black smoke and bustling metal, rummaging throughout Wall Street, I sold out of PWRD, AMKR, CSIQ and BRCD, in order to reduce my long exposure. It has long been a personal dream of mine to see the stock exchange punched out with a steroid induced robot punch to the scrotum. Looking at today’s tape, it looks like a good starting point. Keep in mind, little girls, I am not overzealous in my pursuits of happiness, with a touch over 25% of assets in VXX, short AEM, short MELI. However, with the right sort of “pin-less” hand grenade action, I will be shorting many more stocks in the not-so-distant future.

Into weakness, I will pare back my longs, due to the outside chance that we have jumped into the crevasse.

NOTE: I added to VXX

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXVX5_c3TUk 616 500]

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