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Seven years ago a group of people set out to change the financial landscape. They cobbled together a website that would mock and prey upon the readers of TheStreet.com, hoping to decapitate its leader and shame its employees into abject misery and disgrace.

The legend of “The Fly” was born, alongside The Woodshedder, Danny, VINCENZO ILLUMINATI and soon to follow Ragin Cajun.

In the early days of iBankCoin, we had great fun. We were much younger then and the markets were on the precipice of complete and utter disaster. Looking back, I never thought this site would become such an integral part of my life–sacrificing so much for so little. Then again, Le Fly’s bloodlines dates back 30,000 years to the Asian steppes, a rough and emotional people who’d rather eat their household pets than ask a neighbor for a slice of bread.

Trust me when I tell you, this is my life’s work, one way or another. It will end in spectacular success or misery. There isn’t a middle ground, for mediocrity is for plebs.

Shortly after our launch, I brought on Jakegint master of the gold trade.  Other notable bloggers who have come and gone include The Chart Addict, Gio, COACH COFFEE, RHINO, Henry Fool, Alphadawg, Kong, The Devil, Chuck Bennett, Green Writer, JASON TREU, Mr. Bilderberg, Rag, and of course Scott Bleier.

Over the past 4 years, the site has truly entered a renaissance, with the content provided by Ragin Cajun, Caine Thaler, Raul and The Option Addict. Our services have grown with our legions of followers. The site is entirely self-funded and profitable, generally spitting at all of the other finance sites who find themselves enslaved by Venture Capital masters.

Señor Tropicana works tirelessly to destroy the human race, via Orbital Space Cannon (OSC) and finds the Venture Capital community to be of a most outrageous and abhorrent group of individuals. Their headquarters have been entered into the OSC matrix and shall be vaporized when BETA trials begin.

Here are some of the site’s design changes over the years and memorable videos.

This is the video that introduced iBankCoin.





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The Very Beginning

On this joyous day (iBC’s 4th birthday), I will share some of the details of my beginning into the disgusting world of blogging.

Before FlyonWallStreet, I used to mess around with political commentary and news. I was naive to the world and thought the republican party was God’s private club. It just so happens, the republicans are fucktards, just like the democrats.

Moving on.

I had moderate success doing it, even landing a top story headline on Drudge. My commentary once became the centerpiece of Michael Savage’s monologue and during the 2004 Presidential elections my web traffic was double of what iBankCoin gets on a daily basis.

The only problem: it was interfering with my business of managing money. I was so caught up in the bullshit, my business suffered. Well, by most standards, my business was great. But I knew it could do better.

So one day I decided to quit blogging. That was that. My wife was happy and so were my friends. Nothing is more annoying than some ideologue sharing “political wisdom.”

About a year later, I had an itch to start a new site. A fellow coworker of mine was a fairly successful financial website operator and it got my wheels turning. If I blogged about stocks, my productivity wouldn’t suffer and I could write again, something that was ingrained in my genes (I am related to a world famous writer, who happens to be dead now).

It was settled. I was going to launch another website and talk shit to the world.

My first site was idiotic. I designed it myself and I didn’t know anything about web design or programming. Aside from Jeremy the IT guy, no one knows about my first financial site. I posted my picks and linked to some news. There was no real commentary, aside from Briefing.com style notes.

At the time, Jim Cramer was a huge hit with Mad Money. It was a new type of show and everyone was sucking his dick. So, I started a blog that summarized Jim’s picks and commentary. Needless to say, within a few short months, it took off. Then, I launched FOWS blog with my business partner. The idea behind the site was to copy and paste our instant messages to one another, as we traded.

This platform was met with moderate interest from people who wanted to read the true, unvarnished, thoughts of real Wall Street money managers. The only problem with that idea was my partner. He was a fucking lunatic and didn’t want to “waste time” posting bullshit on some “stupid fucking blog.” Shortly after he quit the blog, I broke up our partnership.

Okay, so the Cramer site was still running and people loved it. The FOWS blog was all but dead. However, I knew it would be revamped soon, allowing me to discuss stocks and write. How did I know this? Well, I knew Cramer’s people would freak the fuck out one day and demand that I stop writing about him. I was not only right; I was exactly right.

His lawyers sent me a cease and desist letter, demanding that I stop posting Jim’s shit. I posted a copy of the email to the site and informed my readers I was shutting it down, but would continue blogging at FOWS.

Surprisingly, about 75% of my Cramer readers made the switch and I was off to a running start, garnering about 500 page views per day. Now we do 50-60,000.

The rapid success of FOWS is a whole ‘nother story. I will talk about it next year, on iBC’s 5th birthday.

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Happy Birthday iBankCoin

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ixjs_fcVo8 616 500]

iBankCoin turns 2 today.

For all of you new readers, I started blogging several years ago, on this orange blog. We had fun back then, as I transformed the traditionally staid financial blogosphere into something more exciting. No matter how much success iBankCoin accomplishes, nothing will compare to the days when I’d interrupt Woodshedder’s weekend blogging duties, in order to fire him. That’s how I met RC, Wood, Danny, Jeremy (IT guy), Gio and countless readers, via FOWS.

Over the past two years, we hosted solid bloggers, like Alphadawg, Gunners and that crazy man from New Zealand Ducati. But blogging is not for everyone. As a result, people come and go. Take Danny for example. He always hated blogging; but I prodded him to help start iBankCoin with me because: A. I trusted him. B. He was a solid writer and pretty damn hilarious.

Wood came with me because he had nothing better to do.

In 2007, iBankCoin was visited 1.4 million times. In 2009, we surpassed 12 million.

Without a doubt, we have carved out a little spot in the financial community as THE BEST DAMN FINANCIAL SITE on the web. We are the best, not only because we are smarter and dress better than everyone else. But, we know how to navigate the stock market, like space alien magicians.

If you think I am going to thank the readers for making iBankCoin a top destination for internet leeches; you are wrong. As a matter of fact, you should be thanking me for starting iBankCoin. Always remember, readers can be replaced; but there is only one iBankCoin (whatever the hell that means, I like it!)

So, cheers to you for being blessed with my prose and cheers to me for being the person that I am, who is able to punch mustaches off while executing successful 7 figure trades. And thanks to my staff, CA, RC, Wood, Danny, Fool, Gio, Jake, Jeremy and even the disturbed people from the Peanut Gallery for putting in countless hours of work, helping iBC destroy its barbaric enemies with verbal grape shot.

Long live iBankCoin and may God kill its enemies, immediately.

: Here is the old video, produced by Danny, that introduced iBC to the internet proletariat, back in ’07. Notice how very orange the site looked back then.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5A3o7iBqc8 616 500]

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