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Corn on the Cocks

My day is progressing, rather egregiously, thanks to my erroneous sleep habits. I’ve been forgetting everyone’s names. So, to remedy the situation, I’ve begun calling everyone by the Universal name: JACKSON. I’m fucking Santa Claus up in the bitch, handing out presents to everyone: the fucking cleaning lady, mailman, garbage truck guy etc. Gifts for all at Le Casa del Fly, for they all deserve it, AND MORE.

Regarding the market: I have one eye on some banks and another on the statue next to me that keeps talking shit. I’m warning you now, I am liable to punch his jade face off, should he make one more derogatory comment. As you know, I’ve been a seller of stocks today. I told you it was my intention to raise the ol’ cash level up, so I did. Do not be surprised if your cocks are chewed off tomorrow, by reindeers dressed as clowns. No one has an interest to trade this fucking hilarious bullshit on X-mas eve. Believe you me, there is better shit to do, such as buy cologne and slippers for total and complete strangers.

Hey, on top of that, I just received news that some person I never met or will meet, from a foreign country, got burned in an explosion today. They asked my wife for a donation. Naturally, she obliged.

“Hey, someone in Nigeria blew up in a chemical factory. Please make donation, Sir.”

Fuck this shit. I have no patience for anything at all and find myself holding back from violent confrontations. I feel like using my car as a weapon, sort of like bumper cars, but with real explosions and free flowing gasoline. People do not deserve to be treated with kindness, for they are idiots.

In closing, oil is going to the average IQ of America: 100. Get long the banks and some heavily shorted oil/gas stocks, like REXX. Have sex with REXX, if you know what I mean.

For your listening pleasure, I selected a lovely Christmas carol for you. GYEAAAHHH.

UPDATE: I bought 5,000 BKMU

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6LHlU4tY1w 616 500]

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