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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday iBankCoin

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iBankCoin turns 2 today.

For all of you new readers, I started blogging several years ago, on this orange blog. We had fun back then, as I transformed the traditionally staid financial blogosphere into something more exciting. No matter how much success iBankCoin accomplishes, nothing will compare to the days when I’d interrupt Woodshedder’s weekend blogging duties, in order to fire him. That’s how I met RC, Wood, Danny, Jeremy (IT guy), Gio and countless readers, via FOWS.

Over the past two years, we hosted solid bloggers, like Alphadawg, Gunners and that crazy man from New Zealand Ducati. But blogging is not for everyone. As a result, people come and go. Take Danny for example. He always hated blogging; but I prodded him to help start iBankCoin with me because: A. I trusted him. B. He was a solid writer and pretty damn hilarious.

Wood came with me because he had nothing better to do.

In 2007, iBankCoin was visited 1.4 million times. In 2009, we surpassed 12 million.

Without a doubt, we have carved out a little spot in the financial community as THE BEST DAMN FINANCIAL SITE on the web. We are the best, not only because we are smarter and dress better than everyone else. But, we know how to navigate the stock market, like space alien magicians.

If you think I am going to thank the readers for making iBankCoin a top destination for internet leeches; you are wrong. As a matter of fact, you should be thanking me for starting iBankCoin. Always remember, readers can be replaced; but there is only one iBankCoin (whatever the hell that means, I like it!)

So, cheers to you for being blessed with my prose and cheers to me for being the person that I am, who is able to punch mustaches off while executing successful 7 figure trades. And thanks to my staff, CA, RC, Wood, Danny, Fool, Gio, Jake, Jeremy and even the disturbed people from the Peanut Gallery for putting in countless hours of work, helping iBC destroy its barbaric enemies with verbal grape shot.

Long live iBankCoin and may God kill its enemies, immediately.

: Here is the old video, produced by Danny, that introduced iBC to the internet proletariat, back in ’07. Notice how very orange the site looked back then.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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