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Beck on FOMC (Must Watch)

Don’t shoot. I’m just delivering le mail. Beck dives into what we all know here on the internets. But now so does everyone else.

Part 1

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk33gnUvCgc&feature=player_embedded 616 500]

Part 2

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JJFLx0z7pU 616 500]

Part 3

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbMVMYIc6Jk 616 500]

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Costanza Trade!

I know you are tempted to buy more stocks here. You can’t help it, for your brains are really, really tiny. Do yourself a favor, pal, take profits and go clean out your car, or some shit. Find a hobby. Walk the dog; feed the wife.

With my money, I am waiting for the voices in my head to tell me to hedge, via VXX. And, I will look to sell more longs into tomorrow’s strong opening, if in fact we are blessed with one.

Market timing, on a scale like this, is not for everyone, kids. Most of you are better off watching professionals, such as myself, perform these grand theatrics, than partake in them on a personal level.

As for you brokers out there: get on the fucking phones and make a friend. Quit surfing the interwebs, you fucking losers.

NOTE: ATPG is ripping.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKUvKE3bQlY 616 500]

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UPDATED: Sell, Sell, Sell

—-SPECIAL EMERGENCY ELECTION—- (see bottom of post)

There is no other way to describe my sentiments, other than directly suggesting that you, the internet buffoon, lighten up. As an aside, “The Fly” has taken on a new approach to life, via “channeling” his energy more constructively. An era of positivity is upon you; don’t get in my fucking way or I will kick you into idle fault lines.

I do not mean to be harsh. It just happens to be my nature.

Separately, I am trying to make believe I did not read that the dick suckers from Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. [[SSTI]] might have accepted a $3.05 offer from Microchip Technology Inc. [[MCHP]] . There has to be more to the story. With the stock down to $3.07 in pre-market, there is no point selling here. The hard cash offer is now $3.05. Let’s see if Cerberus steps up with a counteroffer. If not, chalk up a 5% loss. Not that much of a big deal.

Commodities are red hot these days, as analysts completely fuck themselves with shifting opinions. Case in point: United States Steel Corporation [[X]] .

How many times have analysts changed their opinions on letter X over the past year? Always remember, research is entirely vital in helping you understand what you are invested in. However, when it comes to buy/sell recs, please don’t waste your time taking the advice from nerdtron analysts.

Bottom line: See title.


Should I remove the ban on VKING from posting in the peanut gallery?polls

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Get Green and Do it Now

Let’s talk about Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] .


In 2008, due to the credit crisis, farmers around the world cut back on potash. For example, China reduced its appetite for potassium by a whopping 36%, sending the shares of Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) [[POT]] , The Mosaic Company [[MOS]] and Intrepid Potash, Inc. [[IPI]] through the fucking floorboards. What did Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] do amidst the credit bust cycle? They made their largest investment in company history, by greatly expanding their potash division. In 2008, their potash division produced 186,000 tonnes. By 2013, they are projected to produce 1.5million. Holy fucking cow-tits!

It gets better.


Farmers can’t milk the land for too much longer, without fucking themselves into the poorhouse. According to the laws of science, if you withhold potash (potassium chloride) from your farms for too long, you end up looking like the Soviet Union, circa early 1990’s. After 3 years of reduced potash, you will “enjoy” a 10-25% drop in yield. If you are brave enough to hold out for 5 years, your farm gets “ape raped” to the tune of 62% yield reduction.

In other words, Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] is in the sweet spot.

In addition to potassium chloride, Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] is the largest producer of potassium nitrate (49%), iodine (33%) and lithium (30%) in the world.

Let’s talk lithium.

Lithium is used in all sorts of shit, most notably your smartphones. Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] stands to benefit from the proliferation of worldwide mobile network expansion. With their surplus lithium, Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] decided to delve into the hybrid/electric car market. Oh yeah, electric cars use lithium batteries.

Whatever the fuck these green lunatics plan to do with CAFE standards, Sociedad Quimica y Minera (ADR) [[SQM]] stands to benefit, as they are the largest producer of lithium carbonate in the world. If none of this floats your Cadillac, SQM’s nitrate products are also used in solar electricity generation plants.

Where is the stock heading?

Well, it’s hard to tell, since most of the surprise stuff (hybrids, solar, potash) is not really baked into the estimates. Let’s just say, she’s going to $55 AND MORE.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgFg9PpArNo 616 500]

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Shorts Roasting at 192 Degrees

It is true: Yesterday, I sold out of 90% of my Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. [[GMCR]] position. However, that does not preclude me from participating in today’s spike, quite the contrary. For the love of little squirrels and French strudels, I am still long the stock and will be most delighted to see it charge higher. See, I am not attached to stocks, like you are to a chart. I use them as vehicles, in order to get from point A to point B. I will not lie to you and say “I never get emotional with stocks”; because I too am human (half) and fall victim to delusional fantasies.

Case in point: holding Flotek Industries, Inc. [[FTK]] , with an overall cost basis of around $2.30, was a mistake, yet here I am still holding it. Why?

Perhaps I truly believe that the stock has been unfairly punished and is cheap? Or, maybe the stock possesses hypnotic powers over me, effectively tossing me into a handicap chair, disabling me from selling it. Whichever the answer, I should not be in the stock, period. However, since I am already in the stock, with no choice other than to root for the shares to climb higher, I insist, rather emphatically, that the company is led by fucking big booted homo clowns, who must use company dollars to shoot each other in and out of carnival cannons while saddled on lazy camels, instead of selling drilling parts. Hopefully in 2010, they can regain some dignity and I can get the fuck out of the stock.

Another interesting name is Sears Holdings Corporation [[SHLD]] . The stock has been a favorite for shorts, mainly due to K-mart being such a terrible retailer and Cramer loving the name. Nonetheless, Sears is a cash cow and the Chairman, Eddie Lampert, is on a mission to annihilate those who bet against him, via large company sponsored buyback program. Let’s face it, the consumer goods sector is on fire, as evidenced by sales data out of Whirlpool Corporation [[WHR]] and Jarden Corporation [[JAH]] . Where do you think those fuckers sell their fucking blenders?


Look for SHLD to bust through $100, AND MORE, in 2010.

Finally, let it be known, it’s cold as fuck here in NYC. Natural gas has been an enormous disappointment for investors in 2009. All of that shit is about to change, in a big way. With my money, I am long SandRidge Energy Inc. [[SD]] and intend on making it a top 3 position of mine, alongside other names like Arena Resources, Inc. [[ARD]] and GMX Resources Inc. [[GMXR]] . If you are wondering “what’s it all about,” I will tell you.

It’s all about flaying short sellers and wearing their skin to your next dinner party. That’s what it’s all about. Find a stock with a large short position, accumulate it ever so gingerly, then go in for the kill.

Top picks: SandRidge Energy Inc. [[SD]] , Corinthian Colleges, Inc. [[COCO]] , Sears Holdings Corporation [[SHLD]]

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You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet


UPDATE: Back in 2007, there were food shortages and gas lines, all thanks to “global growth,” embodied with all of its joys and splendor— throwing the working man (you) into idle sewer pipes and cavernous manholes. Now, we have a different scenario.

Post unwind, central banks have flooded the system with “banana money,” as in “Banana Republic” style fiscal policy, not to be confused with the egregiously overpriced retailer. If you see the highs of 2007—just north of 450— on the chart featured above (CRB Index), consider the following:

  • “Global growth” can regain 2007 levels, with no problem.
  • Due to the crash of commodity prices, during most of ’08, capacity is not nearly what it was in ’07. In other words, mines were shut down and rigs were stacked. In order to get capacity utilization back to the 2007 highs, it will take some time. No one thought we’d recover this fast, including the mining/oil & gas giants.
  • The creation of fiat currency is habitual (think drug addict); policy will not change. “They” do not care about “your” quality of life, only preserving “the game.”

Bottom line:
Barring some sort of sincere intervention to buoy the dollar (rise in rates), the CRB index is not even close to the top. We can take out 450, no problem, sending your grocery and electricity bills through the roof, yet again. At this stage, the ball is already rolling towards that direction, major props to Jakegint for seeing it early. With my money, I will hedge out my egregious monthly tomato expenses with an oversized portion of basic material stocks, over the coming weeks, months and possibly years.

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Everyone Lies

There is no such thing as truth air castles, where assholes live out their days being honest with one another. Like all men, I fight, tooth and claw, to defeat my friends and enemies— at some sort of nonsensical game of life. If my neighbor has a big ass tomato farm, mines has to be bigger.

Some people get stuck on stupid, believing in others, whether it be a spouse, a colleague or some jerk-off business partner. When times are good, people let their guards down, via trusting the instincts of others.


Fuck that shit. I sharpen my knife everyday, while preparing for the eventuality of doing something different. While it’s true, “different” is a very general term; it’s the state of mind that is important.

Having too much trust can also lead to outsized and “larged dicked” losses in the stock market. Hey, for the love of gay goats and pink umbrellas with feathers on them, people trusted Lehman—all the way to the shitter.

The point I am trying to make, especially to my younger readership: quit being such a malleable pussy and keep your eye on the big picture—son.

Dr. Fly signing out for the night.

UPDATE: Totally unexpected vid from Karl, along the same theme.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdFzVtQb1YA&feature=sub 616 500]

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Protect Your Neck

Life is good and the market has been very rewarding to those who had the cajones to be a player. However, let’s not forget the homeless guy on the street corner covered in feces. The economy is coming back, but not good—yet.

It’s important to buy stocks when no one else wants them. Equally, it’s vital that you, the internet leech, take profits when Cramer the Clown is fondling stuffed animals (bears) on national tv. Take some profits, have a drink, and do a few hundred lines of coke (just kidding).

Following a glorious two week run, “The Fly” is raising cash, while chuckling at his bearish counterparts for missing the rally. While I am gone (leaving Tuesday morning), I will have no less than a 30% cash position. Believe me, it pains me to sell stocks like OmniVision Technologies, Inc. [[OVTI]] and Corning Incorporated [[GLW]] ; but they’re only stocks. I can always buy others and make money in just about any environment, long or short. I rather book the profits now and chill out with Mickey Mouse, than be a nervous wreck on a potential GLW earnings disappointment, effectively coercing me to punch Goofy in the fucking face.

In other news, the frolicking fondlers at Flotek Industries, Inc. [[FTK]] are gaining forward momentum. Regardless of where the stock trades, I am in the name for the duration, or until it hits $3. Finally, [[ENTR]] looks pretty sweet too. If their “Moca-chips” made any substantial headway into Time Warner’s set top boxes last quarter, the stock will double in price. Last I checked, Verizon Communications Inc. [[VZ]] is gaining 500k Fios subs per quarter, all containing chips from ENTR.


WINSHIP UPDATE: It will come as a relief to many of you basement-dwelling lowlifes to know that THE INVINCIBLE NATIONS OF IBANKCOIN have added an egrgious lifestyle column. Although “The Fly” cannot gain anything from the words of its author (Jason Treu), the vast majority of you stand to benefit a great deal from any advice that might assist you in overcoming your life-long struggle as a piker and/or repeat offender.

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