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Chart Art: $IMMR

This one will be auctioned at Sotheby’s next Saturday.

Starting bid: $99,999,999.00


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I call this one “This Time is Different”

Sale location: Sotheby’s
Starting Bid: $150 billion


[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUpFTM5s4UA 603 500]

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Chart Art: EXK

This chart will be auctioned at Sotheby’s this spring.

Starting bid: $500,000

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Follow the Fundamentals

I know most of you ignore 8k’s like the plague, mainly due to your misguided beliefs that fundamentals don’t matter. Quite the contrary.

There is an urban myth out there that says “technicals trump all.” The truth of the matter is, without fundamentals, all of you fancy break outs would fall flat on their faces. The root of all bull and bear markets are embedded in the core fundamentals of the economy. Take AAPL as an example. None of your retarded charts could foretell such outperfomance, over such a long period of time. I acknowledge the fact that technicals can point a novice in the right direction. However, for the most part, technical analysis are the childish pyramids at Giza, while fundamental analysis is Puma Punku.

Case in point: Analyst Bomber’s call in AMSC. None of your moronic charts pointed to this sort of collapse. The same could be said about my recent call on the refiners or Muddy Waters’ obsession with Chinese lottery scams. The point: pay attention to the fundies too, if you are interested in seeing the whole picture. In my opinion, technicals are just one side of the story. It keeps you disciplined, but blind to many moving parts in this market.

I am about to launch a series of new tools inside of The PPT that will give the user the ability to scan analyst estimates, high and low, as well as revenue. How can this be useful?

Well, take the refiners, as an example. Aside from low PEG ratios, nothing in the current numbers say “this is bullish.” However, if you were able to scan for projected EPS and revenue growth, then calculate a high end estimate FPE and PEG, you would be like “OMG, this is so awesome and amazing.”

In summary, “The Fly” is about to launch some pretty “awesome and amazing” shit, on these here internets, within hours. PPT members stay tuned.

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