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Death and Destruction to All and to All a Good Night

Capital losses aside, I am having a “field day” with this market sell off. It’s one thing for the bears to get all riled up when the market is lifting off. It’s an entirely different animal when this fucker is tanking, 1929 style. I must admit, I lost millions today, yet I was smiling the whole day. Perhaps I have crossed over the “rubicon line of sanity” and have become a full fledged psychopath. Or, I really love me some Karl Denninger, doom and gloom, jargon.

Tonight has the feel of an election night or a war. I can feel the anticipation in the air, as it crushes those with “low-bar” breaking points. I look forward to viewing all of the very best and bearish youtube  commentary tonight, while feasting on a 5 star home cooked meal, courtesy of the venerable Mrs. Fly.

In celebration of the great return of the most horrific bear market since the ancient days of Rome, “The Fly” will keep this thread updated, throughout the night, with all of the very finest, negative commentary available on the web.

Keep the bearshit coming. What we “honest types” need is a little truth and freedom, up in this bitch, not higher stock prices. LOL!! I cannot get enough of it. I fucking love it.

UPDATE: Oh shit I have clients in Harrisburg! And, courtesy of ZH, US CDS panic mode, yet again.

UPDATE II: Aww shit. “We’re screwed- they’re screwed worse” Does it really matter anymore? Let’s have a burlap party, ya’ll.

UPDATE III: Gold is for asshats only.

UPDATE IV: “Do you remember those party hats?”

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbf-HvjUvMU&feature=sub 616 500]

UPDATE V: Fear of “Lehman Style Tsunami.”

UPDATE VI: Minnesota housing fraud EXPOSED. LOL.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01sddqnMMjw&feature=sub 616 500]

UPDATE VII: Tim-dog aka “The Pit of the internet” says “It is my contention that the reality has changed

UPDATE VIII: I meekly interrupt this bear shindig for a little bull intervention, ever so humbly of course. 10,000 apologies.


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