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Asshat of the Decade Award

Asshat of the Decade Award: U.S. Congress


Fucking Morons, Asshats of the Decade, 2000-present

It’s that time of the decade again: iBC presents “The Asshat of the Decade Award.”

I know some of you republican motherfuckers will point fingers at the democrat cocksuckers (pun intended!), regarding the misery that was inflicted on this fat nation and who is to blame—over the past 10 years. From banking deregulation, y2k asshattery to bailouts and absurd military tactics, this country is being led by a multitude of asshats, who must find pleasure in ruining this nation, mainly for shits and gay giggles.

The disaster, better known as “the stock market,” has fucked up America’s mojo over the past 10 years, thanks to a variety of bubbles, coupled with absolute lunatic fringe spending sprees by our elected officials. It is emblematic of how retarded this country has become, no offense to firemen of course.

Many of you will argue that the “Asshat of the Decade Award” should go to a single man/woman, like George Bush, Greenspan, O’bama or even Barney Frank. However, taking a step back and looking at the whole “pastiche,” I can honestly say those assholes fucked us up something awful AS A TEAM!! Great fucking job bozos. My family and I are looking forward to paying another 10 years of taxes to support this bullshit brand of “capitalism,” that has perversely¬† ricocheted around the world like a fucking plague attached to ping-pongs.

Everything Congress touches turns to shit AND MORE (if that makes any sense to you, GOOD LUCK).

It’s funny to see some of you monkeys argue for one party over another, as if it made a difference. It’s like one big circus act, with the American people (dressed as clowns) sitting in fun house styled dunk tanks— as their elected officials stuff their fat fucking faces with sausage and pepper heroes— tossing baseballs at them. The only difference between a whimsical carnival and the game Congress plays is: the carnival clown gets back up on the bench after being dunked. On the other hand, we get swallowed whole by gay sharks, dressed in Armani suits, smoking filter-less cigarettes covered in asbestos, sipping on over sized cups of Venti Mocha Frappachinos.

Fuck you very much Congress and congratulations for winning the Asshat of the Decade Award; you most certainly have earned it!

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