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Here are the Best ETFs to Play the Santa Claus Rally

I think I might finally toss in the towel on stocks in 2016 and focus where my true strengths lie, global macro calls. I can easily accomplish this end via ETFs. As an example, had I just bought and sold SPY this year, using Exodus‘ OS signals, I’d be up 9% on just 28 trades. My actual YTD gains are almost twice that; but there is distinct value in  having a system in place to reduce anxiety and adhere to limits.

As we enter the week of National Festival, a time when fat people reign supreme, sloshing through gallons of buckets of gravy, I am reminded of two more deadly sins: greed and wrath.

Very soon, a fatter America will barnstorm through their local Walmarts and Best Buys, to be first in line to attain discounts, to kick off the Black Friday holiday season, a time when Santa Claus delivers high end electronics to your bratty kids plastic trees.

Here are the best performing ETFs, historically, during the month of December.


The homies caught my eye here. Under further inspection, it appears the homebuilders may in effect be a fucking buy heading into year end. Pardon my gratuitous usuage of profanity. I am unaccustomed to civilized life, having grown up in the depraved sewers of Brooklyn, NY–before it was gentrified and shit.

Homebuilder seasonally swag

Top homie pick: TOL

Data provided by Exodus

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My detailed gameplan to play the coming bounce is up in Exodus, exclusive for the top hatted gents inside of my smokey and wood paneled blog of extreme decadence and decorum (members only). Feel free to have a brandy while you peruse my thoughts.

I am quite busy right now, so the free, blood-sucking, portion of iBankCoin will have to be serviced later on tonight. In the meantime, I’ve selected some delightful music for you to enjoy with your families.

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What’s This Exodus Business All About Anyway?

Most of you have no idea what this is about. You simply don’t believe in the impenetrable armies of Exodus and feel that Le Fly is simply being a salesman, “trying to sell subscriptions.” Listen to me: I have my own money and don’t need yours. I do this for the people and priced it to scale. I can confidently say that there is nothing better than Exodus available to you at a retail level, priced like a month’s worth of cereal boxes.

This is what I want you to do (you know me awhile now and know that I rarely demand things from you): sign up for a monthly membership and email me at [email protected] and I will dispatch one of my partners to do a live one on one demo for you. Who else does that? No one.

Here are ALL systemwide OVERSOLD signals dating back to October. Inception to date (2008-), the system is running at an 80% accuracy rate, to the fucking day.



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You knew this post was coming. Quit hiding from underneath your desks, lads, and take what I am about to give you like a man.

Last week, I being part of the Exodus cognoscenti, alerted the unwashed crass masses here at iBankCoin to an OVERBOUGHT flag on 3x gold ETF NUGT. The following day the 3x gold short ETF, DUST, flagged OVERSOLD. I told you of that too, accompanied by the algorithms track record. Immediately afterwards, you assaulted The Option Addict’s blog, most likely out of fear of me, with wanton insults upon my person. The lot of you screamed like devils, less than animals, pertaining to a “new bull market in gold” and how The Fly “and his stupid fucking algorithms” were going to burn in the fires of 10,000 hells.

Well, well, well, what do you have here?


Good Sir, you’ve been dispatched, yet again. It’s time to retire off the rocks of Transylvania and live a splendid life, sustaining on an all bat diet. I cannot couch your idiotic behavior any longer. You are a great stain upon these hallowed halls. Only gentlemen of “extreme measure and tenacity” are permitted to park their canes here. Might I suggest you venture off to lesser locales?


The Fly Wins Again.

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An Update on my GARP Portfolio

Heading into May soon, I wanted to give you lads an update on a little known feature inside of The PPT, soon to be Exodus. I put together a portfolio for longer term investors, which I manage semi-annually, under the mandate of GARP (growth at a reasonable price). I update it twice per annum, once in January and again in June. New members of Exodus, which should launch inside of a week, will get exclusive access to this portfolio. I am only posting it here now because it has ran higher so fast and I will be making adjustments in a few months.


As you can see, I’ve nailed some huge winners in it this year and fully intend to exercise my ‘calculator like brain’ during the second half of 2015. This is going to be my biggest and best year ever.

Don't Degrade The Champion from iBC on Vimeo.

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Now that we’ve established that the Fed is on the side of good, justice and a democratic society, it’s important that you die.

I’m not so much concerned with those of you who are short stocks. Even though, admittedly, I spend inordinate amounts of my time worrying about you–scheming ways to maim and/or permanently injure you. Mother always said “it’s not a real injury, unless you’re subjugated to a wheeled chair for life” (extra Norman Bates). Some call it paranoia. I like to think of it as planning ahead.

Back to the subject at hand.

You ham and eggers, the donut hole punchers of the world, have had it good for too long now. I’m gonna start destroying you, methodically, for all that you’ve done to society, afflicting others with your warped sense of entitlement, and above all, misguided refuse.

“The Fly” is The Cock of the North, residing in a section of the country that was built for gentlemen of the first cloth, colonials who know the difference between right or wrong, bad from the inane. It’s because of the Northeast corridor of the United States that the rest of you enjoy the freedoms that you take for granted each and every day, smoking marijuna cigarettes inside of crack-dens. Always remember, if it wasn’t for us, the hard-working masters of the North, the lot of you would be sucking the dirt off the British crown.

Like I was saying, the market is in rare bull form. Its been teeming up until now, waiting for an opportune moment to break arms to the upside. Listen to me good and clear: if you get in its way now, as it’s breaking out to new highs, your wife and kids will leave you for ruining their future. Don’t do it to yourselves. Don’t ruin your lives betting against the essence of man, which is to forge ahead and receive capital gains.

NOTE: This is day 6 following The PPT‘s OVERSOLD signal. Chalk up another W for “The Fly’s” calculator like brain.

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No Crying Wolf: Exodus is Coming

I cannot stress to you enough how invaluable the second iteration of The PPT is to me, having the luxury of working with it for more than two months now. We’re in the process of debugging it, making sure it’s ready for prime time. I can confidently say there will not be a single member of our secret society who will be disappointed by the results, a work in progress for nearly half a decade.

Why the delay?

We built it, scrapped it. We built it again, scrapped it again. One must not rush art. We aren’t venture capital financed, so there was never a sense of urgency that superseded the every day trials and tribulations of maintaining and servicing the world’s best finance site.

As we put the finishing touches on Exodus, I will be uploading some pics and try to answer any questions that you might have about the software. It truly is the crown jewel of my extensive resume of online accomplishments. Indeud.


This is the new front page or dashboard. This is what you see when you login.




RIP Don Keough

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