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Bulls Take Their Bone Back

No need to dance on graves. This was a faux rally, led by big oil and a handful of momentum names.

Today, AAPL and CN were big winners for me.

However, the headline of a late intra-day reversal here may lead to a follow through day tomorrow.

I bought a little FMCN down here, down almost a 10 spot.


Without a doubt, the elimination of the uptick rule has increased volatility.

In short, today was a minor victory for the bulls. There is still much work to be done.

NOTE: “The Woodshedder Bottom, part II?”

Fuck off.

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Fly Buy: FMCN

I bought 1,000 FMCN @ $48.02.

Disclaimer: If you buy FMCN because of this post, you do not value life. And, you may lose money.

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Not Giving In

All of you assholes can go fuck around with your puts. I’m not selling down here.


My bet, retards step in hard at the bell, squeezing the shorts, lovely.

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Fed Must Cut Rates

Fed forecasts indicate further easing, with rather tame inflation projections. They cite slowing growth and a weakening job market.

Ignore the minutes. The Fed will ease, mainly because tanner men than Bernanke say so.

Plus, with FRE and FNM in a never ending death spiral, Bernanke must get in his helicopter and save the day—I hope.

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Don’t Short Here

While it’s true, I hate the market here; I get the sense the bears are walking into an oversold trap.

One of my key tells, SRS (inverse homebuilder), is approaching unsustainable levels—where it has failed numerous times.

In short, go eat a sandwich; don’t press your luck shorting down here.

If you insist on selling short, wait for a bounce, then sell CFC (modern day Enron) two times, until the fucker hits zero.

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Bears Steal Bulls Bone

Fuck this shit.

Intra-day key reversal, spear headed by asshat financials and homo homebuilders.

Just sell it all or see it burn. It’s up to you.

The market is fucked every which way but loose. Mcmansion owners are being tossed out into the street, while Bernanke and Co. play checkers— or whatever those assholes do with their spare time.

Cut the rates now, fuckers!

For all of you inflation hawks, fuck you too.

“The Fly” loves inflation, especially when it infects his stocks.

This deflation shit is sheer misery, served on a platter of cold shit burgers.


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Bulls Get a Bone

After enduring multiple claw hammers to the head, Mother Market has gifted the bulls an up day.

Personally, I have more interest in feeding corn to wild roosters, than putting money to work in this market.

I’ll have you know, “The Fly” is not bearish, but skeptical.

I keep looking at my screen, waiting for the bitch (Mother Market) to try to kill me, via intra-day reversal. If it doesn’t happen—wonderful.

However, if it does, “The Fly” will likely pack his bags and check into his local mental institution.

I can’t get behind this market, while ETFC is on the brink of fuckery and C can’t get a 1% green day.

If you’re looking for strength, it is abundant in the internet, energy and basic material sectors, with gains in OMTR, SOHU, BIDU, GOOG, AMZN, BIDZ, BCSI, SNP, CEO, OMNI, STO, BOOM, PKX, CENX and ACH.

Also, market leaders, like RIMM, AAPL, are ripping, while MVIS eats pavement.

What else is new?

In short, I’d love to declare early Santa Claus victory, via having the bears run over by his fucking sled, but I can’t.

I need two or three more days like today, with the financials participating, to feel confident enough to declare: “fuck you shorts, you’re dead.”

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