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Let me preface this with saying I own zero $GME and was never fooled into the hype. NEVERTHELESS, I have both compassion and respect for Roaring Kitty, entering the fucking oven on his own accord. The management at $GME did him dirty this morning, announcing the second secondary in a month: 75 million shares to fuck the market. The stock had been $67 before the announcement but then afterwards it was collapse and the fate of Kitty and Co took a hard fork in the road easterly and then lower. If Ryan Cohen, CEO of Gamestop, had not fucked him the stock and the vibe of his livestream might’ve been completely different.

This blog might’ve been titled ROARING KITTY IS A BILLIONAIRE; but instead I am here defending a person I have no relation to, or respect as a financial analyst. I do, however, respect the fuck out of him for having the testicular fortitude to be at the very pinnacle of finance today. This is a person who started off with $50k and was flirting with a billion before the market opened. He is easily one of the most successful, if not the most successful, speculators in American history. I hope you can at least appreciate that.

Post Kitty, it seems the entire market turned lower, amidst renewed concerns of higher rates for longer. Then the selling hit the cryptos and by the close it felt like a rout. I closed down nearly 2%, fucked and happy about it because I feeeeeeel like I am right here, in spite of what the close looked like. I am 145% leveraged long without hedges and down 1.2% to start June.

It’s not always easy and we’re all vying to succeed, bobbing and weaving and jumping over the murdeholes that is part and parcel of late stage empire Pax Americana, collapse era.


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