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Every time you Want to Sell Short, Look at This

Just shut the FUCK UP. I am saying this as much to you as I am myself. Look at the chart every time you feeeeel like a genius and want to pretend the market is going to crash.

Do not misconstrue the fact that America sucks now and we build $320m piers in Gaza that fucking float away. We are simply living off the hard work and efforts of previous generations. This is the end game now and everything goes the fuck up, in dramatic order, and then later, perhaps much later, it’ll crash into the earth and disintegrate into dust. All of the people angling for positions at the top will have their legs and arms taken off like brittle twigs, easy and without much exertion. The crash will be wonderful, black smoke billowing atop America’s largest cities, ruins and decay with buzzards perched atop them. The market will cease to exist once it hits ZERO and that’ll be a wrap.

But we are not even remotely close to any of that shit happening and it’s much more likely we will live the balance of our lives under the yoke of the GLOBOHOMO with pride parades every week and vaccines to be administered by your local police department every month. Your guns will be taken away; but feel free to administer as many AT HOME abortions as you please. In order to bring about the Messiah, everyone must sin.

Sorry for going out into outer fucking space. The bottom line is, we are going higher. I closed 100% long.

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