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Will it Ever End?

How can it be defeated? It’s so strong — yet so weak. Rates cannot stop it. War cannot stop it. Humiliating defeat cannot stop it. Riots and social upheaval only embolden it. Every time something dreadful happens, like the entire economy shutting down or some sort of massive credit event — it slithers out from its grave and plants itself elsewhere only to grow stronger. It even changes its gender/race when it suits it best and tricks everyone into feeling sorry for it — just before it knifes you in the back.

From the looks of it, it appears it cannot be defeated. You can profit from it, via QQQ or SPY — since its wealth is intertwined with those indices.

I have tried my entire life to really get behind some sort of PERMANENT CRASHING of the US economy and to bear witness to it being destroyed. Alas, I wait, eagerly, yet with great impatience. I am tired of pretending and playing along with it — for the sake of my own financial security.

I closed down 50bps since I have heavily hedged into a net short position. The final 20 mins of trade saw it ramp stocks straight the fuck up, in what can only be described as an exhausting session of obvious manipulation and handling.

NEVERTHELESS, we eagerly await.

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  1. donnie wads

    It seems like broadly, sentiment is changing. We are at that inflection point where everyone thinks we either retest lows or keep climbing ths wall of worry. Why can’t we grind sideways…?

    6% fed funds – Sub 4% unemployment – sounds like stagflation to me.

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