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Happy trading fucked for faces.

On this last day of September have you leaned anything? Bankers in England were saying had it not been for the Bank of England intervention into the GILTs market — they would’ve had a Lehman styled event and wiped themselves out clean.

Russia is on the move and scheduled to send “large echelons” of military equipment into Belarus by November for a Kiev surprise.

The United Steaks most likely committed terrorism by blowing up Nord Stream 1 and 2.

The world is a fucking powder keg and we have lunatics at the wheel.

This is what I do not, aside from whatever might happen today.

We are going to crash thru the fucking floor boards during October, as all of these FX issues and spiking of rates comes to a head. We are vulnerable here, just like we were after the collapse in September of 2008 which led to an absolute panic during October and then November.

To help, the good folks over at Stocklabs are hosting a TRADING CONTEST for October. But instead of asking you to make money, I will instead permit you to do what you do best: blow your accounts to smithereens. First lad to create a portfolio inside SL with a balance of $100k and blow the fuck up to zero will receive $1,000. It’ll be like Brewster’s Millions and I’d be interested to see how many of you triple your accounts in an attempt to zero them out.

I do what I can and during the blood month of Halloween, on the precipice of doom, I am happy to help.

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    Pray to the Turkey Gods?

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  2. traderconfessions

    US blew up pipeline? Covid does fog the brain so ..

    More inscrutable… how is VIX down today????

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