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I always marvel at the grande stupidity of numerology fags, placing credence into numbers like 33 or heaven’s forbid 66. The year of 2022 happens to be a very important year for these psychos and it’s part of the SHMITA cycle.

All that aside, we inside Stocklabs were given ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE of today’s crash a month ago. The end of the crash will culminate on Monday, at which point your portfolios will be entirely dead.

Fun facts in regards to the Stocklabs mean reversion algos.

We are most oversold since 2008-2009. The percent of large cap stocks bullish reading is the second lowest on record.

The Chinese Yuan is down 0.85% v the dollar, the lowest since 2015. We have a true and palpable crisis underway. The US 1yr is now yielding 4.10%.

It says “it’s over” is a gross understatement. I’m only buying here because we are in panic mode. But after this panic subsides and we have the economy to observe, it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

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  1. traderconfessions

    Odd thing is the lack of panic. VIX still below 30. It was around 35 at June lows. Selling volume isn’t indicative of panic. Maybe we get a slow bleed to the bottom rather than a jump off the ledge.

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