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I am holding onto a SQQQ hedge mainly for sentimental concerns. I had been buying stocks all morning, glibly and without emotion — because America deserves higher stock values. Look at all of the effort we have put into this rigged system of ours. It would be a damned shame if we let it go to waste, just because of some silly war in a part of the world no one cares about and hasn’t been relevant since the Mongols conquered it in the 13th century.

It would BEHOOVE you to gaze upon stocks and believe they’re heading lower. Granted, this is a stock pickers market and some days retail is good, other days oils, and other days tech. It really is designed, when you come to think about it, to drive you insane. You could circumvent much of the frustration by concocting a diversified portfolio. But what’s the fun in that?

I’m still holding out for a chance we collapse into the afternoon; but I’m not holding my breath. The beautiful morning losses are almost gone now and the bulls are on the move higher.

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