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Ethereum just had a BIG EVENT, so big the price collapsed and now all of the retards who dove in before the MUH EVENT — those fuckers are crucified to the wall.

NASDAQ FUTURES ARE DOWN 51 and we’re just getting started. Over the weekend VP Harris lectured Americans on how to fight the Putin tax hike vis a vie buying $100,000 electric cars. Someday there will be a wind that will sweep across these great lands and with it flying guillotines for the heads of all the people who fit into the contraption. It’ll be one giant COVID vaccination for the masses, the cure all and end all for all of our problems as a nation. You won’t need to worry about illegals in Martha’s Vineyard’s anymore — because the flying guillotines will keep those lawn mowers the fuck out of here.

I just got back from the beach. Mrs. Fly wanted to bring the fucking dogs for a swim, so we got in the car — drove 3 hrs to the beach — pranced around for 45 mins, ate dinner inside the car — then drove back another 3hrs.

And then you wonder why I want the markets to collapse.


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  1. metalleg

    Everything was going swimmingly until, “I just got back from the beach…”

    Sorry but that sounds painful as fuck. I’m sure the dogs are grateful though.

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  2. liske

    If this is literally true, you must literally have a very hot wife, to literally put yourself through the shit conveyed on this binary paper. The moving, the hoarding, the prom dates. How about a sweet story about how Mr.s Fly enjoys the good life?

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  3. dchanko

    Nice pick on the music – encouraged to see Covid brain has not impacted your music choices

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  4. tha pirate

    The Martha’s Vineyard disgrace should have made it CRYSTAL clear to everyone not in a coma (even those watching the MSM media fakenews) just how HYPOCRITICAL and full of CRAP the elite leftists are.

    Just 50 illegals and the literally had the National Guard out in force to remove them in under 48 hours!!

    Nuff said – vote GOP if you give even a small amount of concern about your children’s future!

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