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No matter what happens this morning, I will not be fooled. We might rally off the lows or mcplunge back towards the depths of hell. Either way, I’m not falling for it.

My small portfolio of nonsense netted me +32bps and so I moved it directly to cash. If you’re following me inside Stocklabs, just know, I regularly move to cash each and every morning, so this is nothing new. I do this because, well, I won’t be fooled.

There is an incredible amount of things to worry about, starting with China invading Taiwan. Perhaps Biden will support the entire Taiwanese administration and military too, once China invades. America can spend $1 trillion per annum on both wars — because nothing says democracy better than writing blank checks to government officials and Lockheed Martin.

I‘m bearish and don’t give a flying fuck what the market has been doing. Ultimately, it’s gonna go down. If so, why cover my shorts? Well, I’m not an idiot and can plainly see stocks are being bid every fucking day. I’m simply waiting for a better market to sell down and press my rights.

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