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Turned on Market Exposure BULLISH — the End is Near Again

I ended down 1.8% for the session. My MTD return is +0.3% and I was DOWN 3.8% last month, while at the same time the Nasdaq has jumped by 15%.

Standard stuff.

I don’t beat myself up about these things, but instead keep going and work through it. No vacations and no time off. I don’t need time to clear my head and I don’t need to relax on a fucking beach somewhere with mosquitoes gnawing away at me. The way I bust out from these squalls is to keep working and keep trading and eventually a light bulb turns on and then I’m off to the fucking races.

Since I have been maligning myself here daily, let this be a stark reminder to you FUCKED FACES in the comments section here and on Twitter — I was +300% in 2020, +215% in 2021 and I am +47% YTD — so before you talk shit to me again and/or decide you are qualified to offer me financial advice — fuck your own face.

I bulked up on strong stocks into the final hour at 106% leverage, ditched two major losers, and kept a 15% hedge via YANG — because China.

We will trade great again. The great whore of the market will suckle us and when we’re done — she will suckled us some more. We will partake in many grandiose occasions for celebratory/festive slurping, as the blackness of this curse wears thin and I bust loose once again to the upside — CASTRATING (pause) my enemies with great violence. There will be periods of time when all seems lost and those who might say “The Fly is finished.” It is at that very point in time when ancient spirits revitalize me and transmorph the bad into the good and I once again ride heavily into the sunset with spear in one hand and severed heads in another — cheerful and happy — knowing I had just won.

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  1. jacked rabbit

    The Fly is never finished…

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    • juice

      THE Fly is never finished, least of all when it appears he is finished, just as THE Fly never loses even when it appears he is losing badly.

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  2. rigged game

    Stop the fuckin’ HEDGING, Fly. If you make gains on long stocks,
    you piss the gains away on hedges. Be a MAN and commit yourself.

    Do you hedge to have an excuse available when you are wrong
    on your market opinion?

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