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Another fizzled rally and yet another cadre of bulls jumping in headlong to the concrete floor. Soon their heads will be bashed apart into pieces and their brains spilling out unto the hot pavement — courtesy of the very gay west and their losing war against Russia.

YOU MIGHT CHOOSE to ignore it but it’s not going away and the losses will become more elaborate and pronounced in the coming months —- as “the west” cucks themselves for NEOCON interests and blood sacrifices.

You may not realize it yet, but this is the opening salvo into another great global war and at the moment we are ill prepared for industrialized warfare.

Markets in the short term ignore these things until it can’t anymore and then we’ll get LARGE GAPS lower. The purpose of my trading now is to preserve my +54% YTD gains, whilst at the same time aim to improve upon them via incremental moves — most easily achieved in market divergences. I am hoping for another spike in energy prices, which could provide a rally in heavily beaten down shares. I will not pretend to understand all of those charts are broken and betting on oil now is most likely a losing bet.

ERGO, ALL BETS WILL BE HEDGED. We are one bad headline away from a down 10% session.

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  1. purdy

    “Neocon”: a nice, safe, umbrella term. I too use that term. It is a foggy, throw-away word. Most are too lazy to look into who might be behind the curtain. And those who do have a clue are well trained – they self-censor.

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  2. ezthere

    I agree. If it gets real stupid in EU land, those markets will fall. Then “contagion” will replace neocon.

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