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The Nightmare is Almost Over

The movers are scheduled to move house Fly to its latest and greatest locale tomorrow. Over the past two months I’ve been quite busy with mortgages and a competitive housing market and more recently moving boxes and packing boxes and moving giant televisions into the new place, where it seems will once again prove to be temporary, as I shuffle around the country like a gypsy in search of a carnivale.

Over the next month or so, we have numerous projects all lined up that includes the installation of a library, new floors, carpets, paint, hardscaping etc. The point here is to fix things up to a standard and then after it’s all done complain about it not being good enough, because we’re all so entitled spoiled rotten brats with nothing to do other than to needlessly meander in the creation of our own manifestation.

I will take this opportunity to escape into the golfing fields, perhaps for good, becoming a pro tennis lad serving balls at the speed of light.

As it pertains to markets: very bullish. But don’t forget, it’s Friday.

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