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A New Flashpoint in the Russia War Emerges: Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is Russia’s unsinkable aircraft carrier in Europe and is now under a land blockade by NATO via Lithuania. According to the Treaty between Lithuania and Russia, this is an illegal action. To be fair, Russia permitted Lithuania to not only breakaway from Russia, but to also be wooed and won over by the west and is now a proud member of NATO. Russia has only themselves to blame and I doubt very much people will sympathize with the plight of the old Prussian city since Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Nevertheless, RULES ARE RULES and when you break a treaty, the breaker should be prepared to deal with all of the circumstances involved.

Naturally the Lithuanians don’t want their cities bombed to dust; but it appears the United Steaks is in their ear about the blockade and demands it.

This is the official Russian statement regarding the issue, basically threatening war.

Unlike other issues, such as Finland to NATO, I do believe Russia is serious about their threats here. Kaliningrad is of vital Russian importance and by imposing a blockade on the territory, they will have no choice but to view it as an act of war.

In other news, NASDAQ futs are +115 and European racist markets are open for Juneteenth and trading up. I hope you enjoy your newly minted holiday and have time to reflect on the sins of your slave owner ancestors.

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  1. helen

    Bad US mistreating russia…

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  2. flea

    So you’ve got a dozen plus U.S. cities completely ruined where no one will live in them for risk of theIr very lives at the hands of the occupiers and what does the U.S. do? Grant the occupiers a new holiday!

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  3. tha pirate

    Biden and the Democrat/Socialist /Islamist party have been a COMPLETE disaster in every area, but none more so than foreign policy.

    In every war they fought, from Napoleon to Hitler the Russian tactic has been the same; a slow, grinding offensive that eventually strangles the enemy and capitalizes on the enormous resources of a vast Russia. This is a conflict that could easily have been avoided, NEVER should have happened, and would NOT have if there were not a Dem in the White House. Brandon’s blunders from Afghanistan to N Korea, and Iran to Ukraine are putting not just the US at risk, but the entire world.

    November elections can not come soon enough!

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  4. traderconfessions

    True. I prefer Republicans who lie about elections and wanted to kill their own Vice President. The Trump perp walk will be epic.

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