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We Might’ve Bottomed

The Stocklabs mean reversion algorithms told you to get involved with that. Were you man enough to listen?

What you need to figure out now is — is today a one off bounce, up more than 700 on 75% breadth, or the beginning of the Santa Claus rally? I have some very definitive ideas — but fuck off I’m not sharing them now.

Life is about taking gambles and placing one’s nuts on the kitchen table while speed chopping carrots. I do believe there is an opportunity here. I am only being vague because I felt like being an asshole.

The market has traded sideway for the past several hours and there are areas of the market not enjoying today’s melt up. But we do have oil up, rates up, and many of of the “back to normal” areas of the market leading — based on the assumption that Omicron is shit. Over in NYC, 5 years olds can’t enter a restaurant without a vaccine pass! How wonderful for the city.

More later.

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