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This weekend I had an impromptu ETHEREUM $2k party over Fizzy-Whig cocked tails. I was rather enamored with myself for having the psychic abilities to foresee the rise in ETH. Why it was glorious and it was of course just getting started. To celebrate, I even bought some ETHEREUM CLASSIC, in spite of it being a regular 51% hacking victim and overall waste of space. I was elated and felt somewhat invincible.

Chatter at House Fly was grandiose, with all members of the family looking to get involved, wire funds into their SHITCOIN accounts in order to partake.

And then it all collapsed. Since I’ve been a beaten dog so many times in my investment career, I knew to let go of the classic nonsense, but I am still very much long ETH. As a point in fact, I am emboldened by it now. I’d like to see it CRASH 90% amidst fires and tumult, because I have cash and lots of it. I can fashion myself into your crypto wallets and STEAL your coins from you when you’re most desperate.

As for stocks, I’ve been trading since 4am man. I took gains bitches and now am up nearly 100bps for the day. I haven’t checked. What’s the markets doing now pal?

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  1. itsgold

    Retail sentiment has been talking about another crypto crash for weeks. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was not the top.

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