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I had been bogged yesterday, until bailed out by the plebs. Now I’ve got my mojo back — knocking the teeth out of my enemies and cracking skulls en route to Elysium.

I took 23 trades today, so far, most good. I booked a doubled sized profit in FUBO +13.5% and then some NNDM +6% and then some JMIA +5.8%, and then some VIPS +10%.

See pal, this is the type of person that I am — a man of extreme profit and civility. I have been generous enough to bestow upon you my missives since 2006 — all for free, with panache and grace. I have been charitable with my trading picks — because I am a man of the people, for the people, only interested in the betterment of mankind.

It’s a rainy Friday morning here in Cary, NC — land of the BBQ grill and horrifically bad pizza. Ever since moving here, we’ve been trying very hard to find good food — but sadly have only found a few. It seems the people of the south are accustomed to bedraggled fare, heavy cream macaroni n cheese overlaid with grits and a side order of a rack of ribs. People walk around, fat and slow, mostly transplants from the north, bereft of southern charm or ancestry dating back to the halcyon days of antebellum.

I have since blended into the background — traded in my Benz for a Subaru and now mingle amongst the ordinary folk, at the local country club, chin-wagging and playing games of tennis every day.

That’s my NC update — now back to trading.

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    Long VXX and cheap OTM index puts here …and short TAN. Because I like to lose money betting that news matters in some old fashioned way.

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