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Yesterday when I bought into Afghanistan, you all said I was crazy. Now the market looks like Turkey and will soon look like Vienna and you’ll all want some then. The Federal Reserve has ammo and isn’t afraid to use it. As disgusting as they are, they are 100% in control of your destiny.

This morning, I booked the following trades.

VIR +8.6%
CODX +8.5% x2
VXRT +22.5%
(NCTY -11%)
(PENN -4%)
(WYNN -5.2%)
(OVID -6.3%)

A little of this, a little of that. I wish I had held onto VXRT longer — but those are the breaks pal.

See, there are two types of people in this world, those who fish and those who eat. Those who fish know the current and the type of bait to use to catch the really big fish. The average eater knows nothing other than condiments and how to hold a fork.

Le Fly is a MASTER FISHERMAN. Knowing that, I ask you this — why bother trying to fish when all you have to do it sit there and eat more fish?

I doubled up on my FAS position and bought several COVID-19 plays. I still have ample cash, but feel good about trading small in aggressive names that aim to please.

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  1. ha

    Since no one posted, some misc HS

    Why the 6 foot physical, not social, not psychological distancing is a god damned joke.

    Have 2 people walk around indoors and out ALWAYS maintaining at least 6 feet. Have each person wear different smelling perfume/aftershave etc. If at any time either person can smell the other – they may just have the virus fucked face.

    The virus doesn’t give a fuck about 6 feet or in South America 8.5 feet.

    Why decorative masks are a joke

    N95 blocks 95% of some particles. How much does a thin sheet of cloth stop?
    Less: 75%? 50%? 10%
    These masks are decorative masks or PLACEBO masks.

    Bayer just paid a $10 billion settlement to Roundup users for causing cancer in these poor bastards. But they admitted no wrongdoing. A 10 billion dollar ooops.
    Will Roundup now be removed from the market? No, of course not.
    Feel free to continue getting cancer. Your government will not protect you.


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