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The Show Continues

I kicked out RNWK this morning for an overnight +31% profit. I know — boring that I come here to talk shit. Deal with it. I also sold RIOT for +5.4% — upping cash to about 70%. Markets only go up now, which makes me reticent of intra day RAPES. It’s best to hold off on the 10am purchases for a bit in order to see if this market wants to sell off first.

I am now 25 for my last 28. Full disclosure.

EB +7%
SOXS +1.5% x3
VTIQ +9.2%
MARK +5.5%
RVLV +7.6%
ZFGN +24.4%
ZIOP +4.1%
SONO +1.8%
HTBX +9.7%
ORGS +3.6%
LK +16.1%
SPCE +6.1%
(FAZ -9.4%) x2
X +4.5%
GNC +12%
MARK +17.6%

SIG +9.1%
NYMT +2.8%
RUBI +2%
FRSX +9%
AMC +6.4%
BZUN -wash
(TLRY -11.4%)
RNWK +31%
RIOT +5.4%

How’d I do it? Pffff — fucking magic that’s how. All it took was some balls, sane position sizing to spread out my bets, and a good sense when to sell. I cannot teach you these things — once again. Just sit back and enjoy the clown-show.

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  1. purdy

    Consider silver with stop under 17.72

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    • tradercaddy

      Silver has been a huge disappointment. Numerous times it looks like it will break out and then it gets beat down.
      Seasonality is now working against it and gold. There will probably be a good low in place by mid-Aug. We shall see.

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  2. indie

    have we ever known an easier market amid a shittier economy? 2009 perhaps…

    on the other side of this, shorts have never experienced such frustration. Someone need to dug up the baseball bat guy smashing shit up while screaming green shoots.

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  3. tradercaddy

    I would also consider a couple of oil etfs that have a broad spectrum of large and small cap holdings. That would be XOP and XES. IEZ for large drillers.
    Very large oil supply on this AM’s figures but that didn’t keep crude from gaining. So it is a sign of further gains.

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  4. purdy

    I need a session with Wendy Rhodes ..as I am feeling the urge to short home builders again.

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  5. tabika3570

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  6. dp909rev

    When GNC is up 12% you know fakery is afoot. That’s like an Inverse Gartman 2x indicator.

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