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It was a tumultuous day, one of extreme volatility, as investors sashayed between fear and greed. It ended poorly, with the Nasdaq ABSCONDING with its gains into the close — ending down 33. HOWEVER, I get the sense this set up is designed to reduce the morale of men like DAVEY TRADER PORTNOY in favor of men with property.

Le Fly partook in a bit of a gambit today, delving into the unprofitable world of REITs today. I sojourned into it with my eyes wide open, but have hopes of massive amounts of greed taking place soon.

Here were my closed out trades for the day.

(SOXS -7.3%)
(JETS -6.6%)
(M -9.8%)
SBSW +24.5%
GRPN +20.5%
BIDU +4.7%
LK +11.1%
RGLD +23%
GOLD +14.7%
AG +9%
SAND +16%

I am presently 60% long, 40% cash. My longs are EXTREME gambles in mortgage and REITs and one retailer. I am doing this because I believe there is more bounce to come. If I am wrong, I will quickly stop out and shut the fuck up.

As a man of property, I expect all of you to pay rent or be evicted. Furthermore, I expect new laws to be enacted forbidding those without land and title the right to vote.

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  1. snoozemr

    Evictions won’t accomplish too much at present with clerks of court ordered not to issue writs of possession until stays are lifted.

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  2. it is showtime

    March 22

    322 2019 Skull&Bones
    Release of Mueller report

    322 2020 Skull&Bones
    Fed says infinite propping money


    Bernanke said…………….

    Subprime is contained……………….

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  3. jacked rabbit

    Wait until you have to mow grass down there, Fly. You won’t be a property man for long.

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  4. tradercaddy

    Don’t know this Davey Portney guy.
    But, I do know Davy Crockett (Born on a mountain top in Tennessee).
    And this Davy sez “Be always sure you are right, then go ahead.”
    I’ll go with my Davy.

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  5. steveplace

    I bought PCI because why the fuck not.

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  6. lapax979

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