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Serious Revisions to Chinese GDP Coming

Look at copper and crude getting fucking cremated. That’s a rather morbid word, isn’t it?

I don’t give a shit what the Chinese say — their economy is going down the shit-hole with this Corona Virus business. Only three provinces in the entire country are without reported infections. This is the beginning of a pandemic scare and I happen to be Johnny on the Spot with the pandemic trades — being a grizzled veteran in this contagion game. I’ve traded every single tape and every single narrative. This is, in my estimation, a very unique situation and falls into the “black box” theory that I love so much.

No one knows anything. Therefore, you can buy XYZ based upon the ephemeral dream of grandeur.

If you followed me into NNVC, NVAX, and LAKE yesterday — you’re killing it. Another morbid word. No more free picks for you fucking free-loaders.

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  1. soupbone

    The reaction in China restricting transportation in and between large urban populations seems to outsize the reports of infected and deaths. Allowing for media hype being delivered to us still seems to leave a gap in the scenario. There is something that is not being spelled out here. What pops to mind is the possibility that in order to survive a high level of hospital attention is needed.

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