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Updates From the City of Wuhan — MARTIAL LAW EDITION

Beijing has ordered the city of Wuhan to be quarantined due to the Coronavirus concerns sweeping the city. Mathematical models suggest over 4,000 have been infected. Social media has been able to share some details that would otherwise be kept from the unwashed public.

This is from a journalist in China, discussing events in Wuhan.

Just talked to a friend who lives in #Wuhan and learned about some rather shocking insights regarding #WuhanPneumonia – 1. Almost all masks and other healthcare supplies are all sold out, and local government is reportedly calling for supplies from other cities.

2. The local market where the #WuhanCoronavirus originates remained open for another week after initial reports about the virus surfaced in local media. However, people were originally advised not to worry about it because they were told the virus is not “transmittable.”

3. While information on social media is more accurate and reliable, most business owners and buyers who usually visit the market are people who don’t receive information through social media, according to the friend. This left them unaware of the latest updates about the virus.

4. Local government in Wuhan only started alerting local residents about the full picture of the #WuhanCoronavirus until three days ago, the friend said. A team of experts were reportedly sent to Wuhan to inspect before experts reveal more information on CCTV.

5. Since detailed information about the virus became available to local residents, my friend said 95% of the people in Wuhan now are wearing masks and topics related to #WuhanCoronavirus also became the most trending topic.

“First time in my lifetime to see the fear that is so bloody obvious, filling up the city,” the friend told me.

And some headlines from the CNN #CORONAVIRUS news wire

Wuhan announces transportation lockdown
CDC testing several people in US for possible Wuhan virus
Five more Chinese provinces report new cases
Wuhan’s Olympic qualifying events canceled
Face masks are made mandatory in Wuhan
One person under observation in Mexico

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  1. numbersgame

    Thanks for the info. For some perspective:

    – That’s 4000 out of 11,000,000, or 0.04% of the population
    – The odds of a baby being born with Down syndrome: 0.10%

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    • cancel19

      That’s how it starts. Prove me wrong in our global scheme of things.

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    • numbersgame

      Global population: 7,700,000,000

      How many will die from this? 2,000?
      Rounding error.

      Not to sound glib, but this virus is just a reality check, not an actual global threat. That’s the long-term big picture.

      Of course, 2,000 dead will still cause panic and push up Fly’s drug stocks in the short term. Remember Ebola and the inital fear it caused? It still hasn’t been erradicated and keeps flaring up. However, it is actaully quite contained.

      On the other hand, the death rate in the US is going UP among some demographic groups, and it’s not because of pandemics. Suicide, drugs, and I’ve had co-workers die in their 50s (they were big guys…).

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  2. acehood

    Forget your biocrap stocks, ladies. Board the Ark via TMF.

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  3. jbandy

    I’m shocked we don’t have a higher frequency of these deadly new viruses being born and bred in these cesspools of China. Has anyone seen how unsanitary and disgusting these markets are? Flies, spoiled food (they don’t believe in throwing ANYTHING away b/c of spoilage, they just reduce the price), minimal refrigeration, etc.

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