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Market Pauses on Pandemic Fears

I’m a merchant of death today — presently 35% portioned in potential Corona Virus plays. While disheartening, the evil in me causes me to seek out ways to profit. Evil works in mysterious ways, mostly driven by avarice and a desire for hedonism. Aware of this, I’ve opted to have a bared down lifestyle bereft of alcohol and vices and anything less than industrious behavior. There is happenings in discipline and order in organizing out of chaos.

My profit senses for these Corona Virus trades tell me this story lasts at least another few weeks, into the teeth of the winter. Since the virus is airborne and now in America, expect the main stream news to fuel profits into degenerate biotech stocks. As a merchant of death, I will abscond with said profits and use said gains to promote a lifestyle that is bereft of glamor — heavily ebbing towards capitalistic tendencies.

I expect these stocks to rocket tomorrow morning.


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  1. soupbone

    this is not a happy reason but the markets have been looking for a risk-off episode since a while.

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  2. moosh

    You are dead on, fighting evil with evil is the right play here. Thanks fly!

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